Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Actually, Trolls Are a Pushover

Session 67

With the trolls dead, the twenty toiling slaves cautiously approached the party of troll-slayers and begged for their help. They are directed to the mines, and told to lie low. Then they discuss tactics again, making and discarding plans again and again, until they decide to wade into the next group of monsters and take them out. First, potions and curative spells are cast to bring the fighters up to full strength; then they sneak off towards the next group of trolls. First, Ungrid quaffs an invisibility potion and makes his way to the corner of a ruined house, within throwing hammer distance of the trolls; Sidni, Halmary, Mim and Elgir sneak up to the trees and take shelter, within charging distance; while Corvin, Xellos and Phildor take to the sky on the flying carpet. Everyone is blessed by Halmary before they head off.

They attacked just before the trolls spotted the carpet. Phildor summoned the Earth’s Teeth and wounded the trolls, two of which were taken out as Ungrid’s hammer smashed them to the ground, and wounded the third as it returned to the dwarf’s hand. Sidni charged it, her spear thrusting through the troll’s heart and sent it crashing to the floor. Across the field, the ogres spotted the attack; one peeled off to sound the alarm, hollering as loud as it could, as the others headed towards the party. One ogre fell to a poisoned arrow from Corvin’s bow; Ungrid’s hammer killed two more, but it was too late, the alarm had been sounded and from all across the town the remaining enemy– not all that many really– moved to attack. As they advanced, Xellos burned the fallen trolls, incinerating them, freeing them from the possibility of the trolls rising to attack again.

To cut a long story short: the enemy fell easily, with only a few wounds between the party. Ogres fell to arrows and swords; the remaining hill giant and giant troll were crushed by hammers and spells; and the trolls were swiftly burned as they fell. At one point those on the carpet had to jump off onto the roof of a building, but that did little to prevent the slaughter of the enemy.

The slaves were freed, the town looted (but little remained of value), and the party settled down to decide what to do next…

End of Session

Kills: 6 trolls, 12 ogres, 1 horag, 1 hill giant, 1 giant troll.


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