Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Ambushing the Giants

Session 61

While the elves prepared the Ritual Scroll, the party scouted out the nearest towns– The Lea, Pregmere, and West Town– and decided to ambush the monthly tribute caravan and take out some giants and their allies. They found a gully that was suitable for an ambush, and got ahead of the caravan by a couple of days. While they waited, Halmary laid several Glyphs of Warding along the road, while the others set up piles of boulders to roll down onto the enemy as they passed along the road towards West Town. Then they waited until the caravan came into view, positioned themselves around the gully, and got ready to ambush the giants.

26th Coldeven, 592 CY

As the sun rose higher in the cloudless sky, casting its warmth down upon the road, the caravan trundled along the worn road: six laden wagons, escorted by four orcs, two ogres and a hill giant each, with a pair of fire giants in command– one at the front, one bringing up the rear– all unaware of the ambush they were walking into. Hidden in the rocks of the gully, the party waited for the signal to attack: as soon as the lead fire giant walked into the unseen glyphs, sending an arc of blinding white lightning into its hide, the party attacked!

Sidni swallows a Potion of Giant Strength, vastly increasing her strength, and she rolls one pile of boulders down into the road, blocking the way and killing an orc in the process.

Corvin let loose with a poisoned arrow, but the added weight of the deadly poison made the projectile fall short.

Ungrid threw the mighty Grotdrengi, smashing into the rear fire giant with a heavy thud that brought it to its knees!

Halmary prayed to his goddess, and a tower of flames poured from the sky, incinerating an ogre and several orcs, singing a giant too.

Phildor and Xellos command the Earth’s Teeth to rise up, skewering more orcs and an ogre, while Elgir shot an arrow into the eye of a hill giant, slaying it!

Mim quaffs a P_otion of Growth_, and doubles in size. Hefting his sword, he charges down the side of the gully, followed by Sidni and Halmary, and Elgir too.

Atop the slope of the gully Corvin sent arrows into the enemies midst, killing ogres, poisoning and killing a giant, felling the already wounded fire giant; while Phildor and Xellos repeat their arcane attacks, stabbing more orcs and ogres with the splinters of the rocky ground; Halmary and Sidni hack and slash at the surprised hill giants, and Elgir stabs the ogres that engage him. Ungrid finds himself facing several ogres at once, but none are his match, and they fall heavily to the ground, their bones crushed under the weight of his magic hammer. More orcs fall, and others try to flee, but are cut down by arrows and swords; giants fall one after the other as maces, spears and swords batter and cut, thrusting into vital organs and spilling blood over the thirsty ground. Magic Missiles speed across the gully, cutting down more orcs, felling a hill giant too. Phildor manages to capture an orc, levitating it into the air, as the battle wages around them.

The last giant falls to Sidni; the last ogre is taken out by Ungrid; and Corvin takes out the last orc with his sword.

The battle is over swiftly*. The wagon drivers, all enslaved humans from the towns, are rescued and delighted to be freed. They help the party loot the bodies, and drive the wagons across the countryside to where the elves are holed up. There they interrogate the orc and learn more about the towns nearby; and the party plan their next attack, this time on one of the towns…

End of Session

Kills: 24 orcs, 12 ogres, 6 hill giants, 2 fire giants.

*the whole fight took 7 rounds from start-to-finish, just over an hour in real-time.


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