Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Capturing the Drow

Session 73

24th Flocktime, CY 592

The party re-enters the tunnel. Their plan: capture a dark elf and bring it back to the Duke, for interrogation. In preparation, Halmary carries Elgir’s Shield of Radiance, since the fighter is recovering from his ordeal. The cleric, Ungrid and Corvin are made Invisible and board the flying carpet, using a silenced coin to aid their stealthy approach. The others wait in the darkness of the tunnel mouth, awaiting a signal to move in. Ordoreth hastes them all, and the carpet flies blindly in towards the towers…

As they approach where they believe the towers to be, a burst of energy explodes against Corvin, almost knocking him from the carpet. In the darkness he can’t see a thing, and when rainbow coloured lights briefly dance around them, the trio see that they’ve been rendered visible! Corvin pilots the carpet to the top of the tower, as revealed when Halmary activates his shield and bathes the area in light. Halmary shoves the silenced coin into the Bag of Holding as they leap off the carpet atop the tower.

Below, Sidni spies the blossoming light, and moves up, lighting a torch so that she can see better. She shouts back to the others, telling them that there is trouble.

Corvin and Halmary drop into the tower via a trapdoor, and their light goes out; Halmary re-casts it, revealing a dark elf lurking in the shadows. He flinches from the sudden light, enough for Ungrid to spot he as the dwarf leaps down. He hurls his magical hammer, injuring him. Then, from the shadows behind Corvin, another dark elf appears, and stabs the thief in the back, badly wounding him.

Outside, Sidni chucks more torches about, lighting up the cavern. A couple of poisoned bolts fly down, but miss. The rest of the party hurry to join the explorer, as inside the tower their three companions fight the dark elves: Ungrid kills the first dark elf, smashing his skull in. The other is rendered immobile when Halmary casts Hold Person. Corvin quickly ties the dark elf up, while Ungrid climbs down the ladder to the ground floor of the tower, kicking open the door leading outside.

Meanwhile, the others move towards the towers. Ordoreth catches a glancing blow from another poisoned bolt, then blasts open the door to the other tower with a powerful lightning bolt. Xellos, Mim and Sidni charge in, while the spell-casters– Ordoreth and Phildor– stand outside, watching for enemies. In the other tower, Corvin and Halmary struggle with the held dark elf, placing him on the carpet and then flying down to the cavern floor with their prisoner.

In the second tower battle is joined when a dark elf jumps down to attack the party: he is wounded by Xellos’ axe and Mim’s sword, and then is knocked out as Halmary wades in and swings his mace in a mighty blow.

A search of the towers reveals no more of the enemy, and so they loot what they can find, and with their prisoners they head back to the city.

Handing over their captives to the duke’s men, the Liberators rest for a couple of days, until the dark elves have been thoroughly interrogated; one dies under torture, the other talks: there are more dark elves in the tunnels, more way-stations, and an outpost where they are gathering forces. According to the dark elf, the outpost is down the left passage at the cross-roads. The duke ‘requests’ the party to investigate and, if possible, destroy the enemy. To aid them he acquires potions, and they agree to head back into the tunnel, as soon as Elgir has recovered.

On the 19th of Wealsun, the reformed party head back down into the underdark.


  • The armies of Geoff have moved into position, and placed garrisons at the settlements the party have liberated;
  • The giants’ forces have retreated to Hornwood, and scouts report movement there: it seems that they are moving again, in the direction of Pest’s Crossing.

End of Session

Kills: 3 dark elves.


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