Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Doom Bats

Session 211

With the deafening shriek of unseen beasts, the heroes venture into the cave, stepping cautiously on the bridge, after Halmary throws some light into the cavern and Xellos tries (and fails) to coax out whatever is making the noise with some illusions. Nothing happens until Halmary reaches the first landing of the bridge: then, from caves dotting the wall, giant bats fly out and move in to attack!

Sindi unleashes a_ lightning bolt_ that wounds a couple and Calibos blesses everyone, except Halmary who is out of range. Halmary creates a zone of silence, which has the effect of disorientating any bats that pass through the area, and everyone else finds themselves ducking and lashing out as the bats fly through them, biting and slapping with their tails, trying to dislodge the heroes from their perch on the bridge. The first giant bat is knocked out of the air by Ungrid, killing it instantly as grontdrengi smashes its skull. Sindi takes out another, flying into it with her spear leading; the others slash and hack as the bats fly overhead. Eshan defends himself, but is knocked off the bridge; but he thankfully falls only ten feet to the cavern floor, missing the chasm. He quickly turns invisible and stays out of the way.

Meanwhile, another pair of bats manage to knock Ungrid off balance, and the dwarf totters on the edge of the bridge… then plummets off into the chasm!

Xellos fireballs several bats, incinerating one, burning others. Halmary does something similar after slinging stones at them, and flame strikes some bats. More bats fall to sword and axe, albeit slowly.

Meanwhile, Ungrid saves himself by activating his boots of levitation before he hits the floor, and Sindi flies down to help as several bats dive at them; together they finish off a few bats.

Soon the bats are all dead, and Ungrid is hauled back up to the bridge. They cross the ancient bridge, back into the tunnel on the opposite side and from there spend a further four days travelling along. The days and nights are uneventful until the penultimate day, when they pass through a damp section of the tunnel, with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Some of these drop when they pass under, wounding some of three of the party. The piercers turn out to be useless after they’ve dropped and are swiftly dispatched.

Then, on the final day, they read the end of the tunnel, where a shaft ascends up and up and up…

End of Session

Kills: 12 doom bats; a colony of piercers.

  1. days in tunnel:* 20.


theskyfullofdust theskyfullofdust

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