Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Giant Ants!

Session 76

arrying their wounded– Halmary with his charred and useless legs, Corvin with his charred and lame legs, and Elgir with his melted eye– on the flying carpet, the Liberators leave the corpse of the dragon, its hoard well-packed into their bag of holding_, and slowly head back to the catacombs and the city. Six hours later, after passing by the crossroads, Orodreth and Sidni (_invisible, bestowed with infravision), scouting ahead, spot a patrol of ten dark elves before them: one fireball from the Spell-Sword turns them to ash, and the rest of the trip back is uneventful.

Back in the city they report to the Duke, who sends for his personal priest/healer to tend to Halmary’s wounds. The legless cleric is blessed by his god and returned to full health, whole in body and mind. Ten days later he uses his own divine blessings to restore life & limb to his companions, with worse effects: Corvin is healed, but now mutters constantly to himself after seeing something uncanny on the other side (add this to his night-terrors, and the man is a wreck most mornings); Elgir comes back, changed, healed to full health with his eye restored, but now vulnerable to being turned, holy water and similar effects. He has a haunted look in his eyes.

While they recover, the party carouse, donate gold to the war effort, narrowly avoid being indoctrinated into a doomsday cult (and a STD after a dubious liaison), and hear from the Duke’s men that the giants and their allies have now retreated to the town of Pest’s Crossing, fortified and deep in the forest. The Duke’s own army is getting ready to mobilise, the Duke intending them to march to war at the end of the month. The liberated and other abandoned towns have now been taken back, with garrisons guarding them and helping the freed slaves rebuild.

However, there is still the dark elves to worry about, and reluctantly the Liberators agree to investigate one last time. Their captive dark elf dies under interrogation, but reveals that the forward passage of the cross-roads leads to the dark elf outpost. After gathering supplies, they head back into the tunnels.

Three hours go by and they reach the cross-roads, where a swarm of giant ants attack! The ants prove difficult, but the party manage to cut them down. Only Xellos, Mim, Halmary and Elgir take any wounds. Ordoreth tends to Xellos’ injuries– the Ruinguard having taken the most damage– and they head straight on, deeper underground and into the darkness.

End of Session

Current Date: 5th Reaping, 592 CY, morning.

Kills: 10 dark elves, 7 giant ants.


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