Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Giant Slaying

Session 53

The party follows the orc into some caverns, where dozens of escaped slave orcs have holed up, armed with scavenged weapons and piecemeal armour. They met the leaders of the orcs, and make an alliance. The orcs allow them to rest, so the party catches up on some sleep, tends to their wounds, and after resting are woken by the orcs. It seems that there is trouble: the giants have used their wolves to track the party to the blockage and are now starting to dig their way through it, using Stone Giants and orc slaves to shift the rubble. In less than an hour they’ll be through!

Plans are swiftly made: one of the tunnels is blocked off, another has a lantern lit and positioned so that any giants breaking through it will spot it first. Halmary sets a glyph of warding further up the passage, so that can delay any pursuit in case they need to retreat. Then they arrange themselves in the corridor behind the rubble the giants are digging through, while the orcs get themselves ready to follow whatever the party does, hoping that they manage to fight the giants and not get everyone killed in the process.

The giants keep on digging, until the stone giant in front is revealed from waist to head, too caught up in his work to spot the lurking adventurers: unaware until Xellos uses a scroll of dismember to sever the giant’s leg, sending it screaming in pain to the hard floor and shocking its allies. Corvin yells out, in the giant tongue, “It’s cursed, cursed!” which makes the giant’s allies even more confused, and while they stood stunned, Halmary blesses the party, and Sidni charges out of the tunnel, down onto the fallen giant and starts hacking away at him with his great sword. Corvin runs up behind him, finally relinquishing his invisibility by throwing a javelin of lightning at the row of monsters in the corridor behind the hollering giant: a bolt of electricity arcs from body to body, crisping two ogres, a dire wolf and four of the orc slaves. Ungrid quaffs another potion of growth, doubling his size, and Halmary charges up the dwarf’s sword with a striking prayer. In the corridor, an angered and fearless Hill Giant comes towards them, shrugging off a bolt fired from Xellos’ arbalest, while Ungrid stomps on top of the wounded Stone Giant and puts him out of his misery with a powerful thrust through his heart.

Sidni grabs the last of the lightning javelins and uses it to incinerate a pair of Hill Giants and their ogre allies, and into the midst of the remaining monsters (ogres and bugbears, all still stunned by the sudden and ferocious attack) the rest of the party moves: Corvin wounds a bugbear, and Halmary smashes its skull. Ungrid steps up to an ogre and decapitates it, and the last Hill Giant steps up to attack, still fearless and mad with rage; the bugbears hurry off to warn their masters, and while one escapes upstairs, the other comes back with a Fire Giant in tow. The fearless Hill Giant is confronted by Sidni’s spear and Corvin’s bow, and a final arrow fells the giant. Then the former man and the giant dwarf take the battle to the Fire Giant, and Sidni is almost cut in half by the giant’s sword, only managing to continue fighting when Halmary runs in and magically heals her. Ungrid delivers the death blow to the Fire Giant, and the remaining bugbears fall to the combined blows of the other adventurers.

The silence after the swift and bloody battle is deafening. From the caverns the sounds of the awed orcs can be heard as they follow the adventurers, while upstairs, shouts of alarm can be dimly heard.

End of Session

Kills: 3 bugbears, 5 ogres, 3 hill giants, 1 fire giant, 1 stone giant, 1 dire wolf, 4 poor orc slaves.


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