Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Giants, Ogres, Bugbears and Wolve, Oh My!

Session 54

The gore-splattered, bloodied adventurers take a breather as the last body hits the floor.

They backtrack, looking for the cell where the elf king is imprisoned, opening the doors to the orc slave cells, freeing the orcs as they go– while the rebel orcs slowly make their way out of their caverns, hoping that the adventurers will do all the killing for them, allowing them to escape back into the mountains without being slaughtered by the giants and ogres they know live above. The adventurers– still a nameless company– start combing through the barracks where the bugbears came from, finding minor treasure as they do. Xellos leads the way to the entrance hall, but as he opens the door, he comes face-to-knee with a club-swinging Hill Giant, which smacks him in the face. He backs off, allowing Ungrid, Halmary and Sidni to move into position, while Corvin lets loose with his Heartseeker bow to pepper the giant with arrows; and moving out of sight, no doubt planning on coming through the barracks, a Fire Giant is spotted.

Ungrid, giant-sized after quaffing another potion of growth, lands the killing blow, felling the Hill Giant, and he and Halmary form their now-standard shield wall when the Fire Giant comes back– after Xellos shuts the doors out of the barracks. This giant proves much more dangerous, cutting Halmary down with a couple of hits, but luckily only knocking him out. Xellos manages to use a scroll and successfully casts Hold Monster to freeze it, allowing Ungrid to clamber up and slit its throat. While this is going on, a dwarf approaches them, called Mim, who was chained up in the forge where the Fire Giants were tending to a forge. He freed himself, but the other dwarves there are too beaten down to join them. Corvin heads to the forge, finding gold, silver and gems that he deposits in the bag of holding he carries. Meanwhile, the others locate the cells, and as they deal with the couple of bugbear guards trying to keep quiet inside, and Xellos finds and rescues the elf king, Hurin, from down the stairs come several dire wolves, an ogre and a pair of hill giants: Halmary drinks a potion of animal control and Sidni uses his Ring of Animal Control, turning a few of the wolves on the ogre– who they kill– and the giants, who are whittled down and soon slain. Halmary is again knocked down, but divine intervention brings him back round*.

With the giants dead, the charmed dire wolves are locked up, and the orc rebels help block the stairs using the giant-sized tables and benches. They loot the room where the hunchback giant was using as a bedroom, arm Hurin and Mim, and lead them up the secret passage to the map room on the upper floor: only to open the secret door and find that several giants– including a Cloud, Stone and the Chief Hill Giant– are present. Halmary slams the door shut and everyone flees downstairs, quickly getting the orcs to unblock the stairs and block the secret passage instead… allowing a whole gang of ogres to freely march down the stairs, advancing on the party…

End of Session

Kills: 2 bugbears, 1 fire giant, 3 hill giants, 2 dire wolves.

KO’d: Halmary (technically twice; once merely knocked out and revived with a potion).

* for his birthday I gave my dad two ‘Get Out of Death Free’ cards, to use for his character or an ally. The first was used to prevent Halmary going down for a second time.


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