Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Into the Steading

Session Fifty

Inside the Steading of the Hill Giants, Corvin continues to scout out the entrance hall, but due to his poor strength is unable to open any of the heavy, giant-sized doors. He heads back upstairs, cutting free the alarm ‘bell’ that hangs from the tower’s rafters. He signals to Sidni to come down, and together they return to the others who are still camped nearby. Plans are made as night wears on, and as midnight comes they decide on the following plan: Halmary and Xellos will camp about 12 miles or so from the Steading, while Ungrid flies (via the carpet) Corvin and Sidni back– both rendered invisible by spell and potion– and waits for them as the stealthy pair head indoors to scout out the area, hoping to locate the imprisoned elven king.

The plan is set into action, and as Ungrid braves the snowy weather [a bit like England in the Spring] the thief and explorer head down, but find that the doors are proving too heavy for them. In the end they resort to simple tactics: they knock at one of the doors, waking one of the drunken giants, who opens it and looks about, not seeing anyone visible. Corvin places a spike in the doorway, so that it doesn’t fully close, and the half-asleep, largely drunk giant sits down and takes a quaff of the poisoned ale: he falls dead to the ground with a thud, which is thankfully unheard by anyone else. The two adventurers slip through the door, finding a barracks of sleeping giants, a secret door leading into the Great Hall– where dozens of ogres, giants, and serving orcs are still feasting away, although many have fallen asleep at the tables– and the doors leading to the courtyard outside. One door opens into a bedroom, where a cave bear sniffs them out, but is avoided by some quick running and hiding.

Another room– with maps decorating the walls and a table taller than the pair– has a further secret door that opens onto a staircase leading down. Corvin and Sidni venture down into dimness, spotting a portcullis that might be a trap waiting to be sprung, a glint of treasure in a corner of a large room, and the snores of some beasts lurking in the darkness. With time pressing and the potion of invisibility soon wearing off, they return to the upper level and make their way back to Ungrid and the carpet. They fly back to the others and report in, and in shifts they all make their way to the tower of the Steading and under cover of a silence spell they descend the tower, and with Corvin abstaining as he is still invisible, the rest of the party silently and swiftly [a single round] kill the sleeping giant at the bottom of the tower. They try the same tactic on the drunk giant, and he too falls to their blades and maces. They pass through the door and into the corridor leading towards the courtyard and the map room with the secret door, and as they turn the corner, Corvin– scouting ahead– spots the arrival of a hill giant and four dire wolves coming in out of the cold, and heading their way…

End of Session

Kills: 2 hill giants.


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