Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Leaving the Vault

Session 208

As the Heroes tend to their wounds, Xellos uses Alter Self together with a ritual scroll of Permanency´╗┐ to appear as a living, whole person, thus enabling him to use both legs. He then summons a hero (via a spell), and a worn and tired soldier called Reuben appears. He’s not too happy to go exploring ahead of Xellos, who turns himself Invisible to follow, but has no choice but to obey. They don’t go far, just exploring the immediate area looking for the creature that attacked them. They find nothing, but are too wary to explore through the doors yet unopened. Instead they return to the tunnel, setting up camp after wizard locking and magic mouthing the door. Reuben stands guard together with Wulsted and Xellos, and Eshan keeps an eye on the tunnel. The others settle down to sleep.

Not long after, but long enough for the summoned hero to return whence he came, Wulsted cries out in alarm as the creature returns to attack (using Passwall to bypass the door): the barbarian takes the full force of a pair of cone of cold blasts, freezing him solid. Xellos wakes the others, tries to attack the creature, but it turns its hideous alien face on him and he finds himself paralysed.

Then the battle is won when Sindi steps up and lets loose with a_ lightning bolt_ from her shield; it ricochets down the passage, blasting Wulstead into tiny pieces, shocking Xellos out of his paralysis, and finishing off the creature in one final blow.

Wulsted is dead. They mourn his death, briefly, and now they are down to one ex-prisoner, Eshan. The others are all dead now.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and in the morning, rested and mostly fully healed, they begin trekking down the tunnel. It gradually descends for a mile before widening into a 20’ wide, 25’ high arched tunnel that looks natural but is obviously not. They travel down the monotonous tunnel for two days, then come to a cavern where water has eroded the bedrock. The tunnel continues on the other side, and there are signs of a cave-in, the other entry partially blocked by debris. Sindi scouts ahead invisible and finds a pair of giant slugs inhabiting the cavern. Thankfully the slugs are not particularly interested in the party, so they make their way through the cavern, Sindi flying them over the river that runs through it and up to the ledge where the tunnel continues

They squeeze through the blockage and carry on down the tunnel…

End of Session

Kills: 1 Khepri Hierarch.

KO’d: Wulsted, now well and truly dead.

Levelled-Up: Halmary is now level 11.


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