Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Liberating The Lea

Session 62

7th Planting, 592 CY

After escorting the liberated wagons and drivers back to the elven temporary town, the party of resistance fighters hike overland to the settlement known as The Lea, a collection of farms clustered around a few buildings at the junction of the roads to the other major towns of the Duchy. After scouting out the area under cover of darkness, using their flying carpet, they note where the giants and their kin are housed, then make their way to where a lone verbeeg wanders around the outlying fields, half-heartedly herding sheep while quaffing gulps of wine. A couple of verbeeg camped on a hillock, watching the area, spot the creeping party and intercept them: both fall in a matter of seconds as Elgir, Corvin, Sidni and Halmary cut and stab and crush the giant-kin into the ground.

With no one having seen or heard the quick fight, the party continue on, flanking the lone verbeeg and several more camped out on a hill, guarding the village. Sidni gets too close to the sheep, which baa and bleet, alerting the giant-kin; one runs off to the centre of The Lea, shouting that they are under attack, while the others move in to take care of the small morals that dare to attack them.

Ungrid proves that Grontdrengi is a deadly magic hammer, as he takes out a verbeeg with a single hit: his hammer smashes through the giant-kin’s chest, then tumbles back through the air into the dwarf’s outstretched hand. Hill giants and ogres hear the alarm and head to intercept the enemy, while more and more verbeegs spill out of the houses and barns, as messengers run from building to building, waking them up and sending them into the battle that wages on the edge of town.

At first the battle favours the party: Phildor lets loose with magic missiles and earth’s teeth, sending harm amongst the giant-kin; Corvin shoots poisoned arrows into the larger monsters, paralysing one, killing another; Ungrid slays a hill giant with another strike of his flung hammer, and Mim and Elgir prove themselves to be capable fighters, hacking away at ogres and verbeeg; Sidni hacks and cleaves flesh, while Halmary crushes bones and bruises flesh with his mace; Xellos alternates between magic missiles and his sword, Hewer, killing and wounding more of the giant-kin. The combination of his and Phildor’s magic missiles slay a dire wolf, a pet of the elder verbeeg who finds himself battling Mim, and they follow up with a confusion spell and one of the giant-kin they animate as a zombie; Ungrid takes out an ogre with his hammer, then finds himself in close combat with a verbeeg, forcing himself to swing his hammer rather than throw it; but Grontdrengi has proven its worth by killing several of the giant-kin and a giant to boot.

By now the entire village is alerted and a dozen or so giant-kin are swarming towards the party, surrounding them, getting between them, engaging them with giant-sized spears and clubs. Sidni staggers under a couple of blows, and Xellos takes a glancing blow, as does Ungrid; and for a second it looks like the battle is about to turn…

End of Session

Kills: 15 verbeegs, 2 hill giants, 1 ogres, 1 dire wolf.


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