Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

More Bugbears Slaughtered!

Session 52

With the freed orc slaves spilling out of the cells, Sidni, Xellos, Ungrid and Halmary finish off the bugbear guards, whilst Corvin peers around the corner and spies the advancing bugbears. A decision is swiftly made: they need to fight their way out, through the bugbears, find the elven king and escape. Then, one of the freed orcs tells them that there is a ‘secret’ way out, where escaped slaves flee to, a narrow passage over the blockage at the end of the corridor. They decide to head that way instead, since it appears that the elf king is in one of the upper cells– perhaps– past the way the party entered the dungeon.

Directing the orcs down the two passages to create a barrier between the giants in the torture chamber and the forge– basically sacrificing the orcs to enable the party to escape easier– the party head into the mass of approaching bugbears, while everyone but Corvin (still invisible) wounds bugbears by mace, spear or bolts, Ungrid proves himself to be a dwarven killing machine, as he dives into the bugbears and slaughters one after another, cleaving two, three, four at a time: they fall like leaves from a tree in the depths of autumn, and the enlarged dwarf crushes their bodies under foot as his cleaves a path through them, the others following in his wake and helping as best they can. Behind them, the orcs fight the giants, and soon end up being slaughtered themselves, especially when the pair of Fire Giants enter the battle, cutting their way through the orcs as easily as Ungrid cuts through their former jailers.

Soon they are by the blockage, and from a shadow on the top of the blockage, an orc whispers to them to follow him through the hidden passage: one-by-one the party filter through the narrow tunnel, into a darkened network of tunnels, leading off into a cavern. The orc beckons them and they follow…

…while outside the giants finish killing orcs and kicking them into their cells again.

But did they see where the party go to?

End of Session

Kills: 24 bugbears.


theskyfullofdust theskyfullofdust

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