Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

More Dark Elves

Session 79

Leaving the cavern of the morlocks behind, the party continue into the depths of the underground, travelling for a further four hours with their two scouts once more ahead.

Sidni and Corvin come to a narrow passage with other tunnels leading off, and the sounds of crunching bones faintly ahead. They spot a dark elf standing guard, and report back to the others. They all slowly advance, and notice that the passages leading off now end shortly in utter darkness: Halmary deduces that they are magical, and with the cancelling effect of a light spell one of the blockades of darkness winks out of existence, and another dark elf is revealed in the light of their lanterns.

Xellos and Halmary, bumping into an invisible Sidni on the way, engage the dark elf, disrupting its spell that he was about to cast. He falls to Xellos’ axe; at the same time, Elgir feels a constriction around his throat, but swallows and fights it off, and another dark elf appears, and is immediately attacked by Ordoreth. They exchange blows, each wounding the other, while out of the passages an unseen enemy fires off a flurry of magic missiles, burning holes into Mim. Another dark elf leaps out of the darkness behind Elgir, stabbing him in the back!

Phildor blasts the attacking dark elf with his own magic missiles, and between Ungrid and Elgir, the dark elf crashes to the floor, dead. Xellos spots another one, and in a single sweep, decapitates him.

Meanwhile, Corvin and Fuzzykins are scouting around finding loot, and spotting more of the enemy: including what may be a giant, crouching in the tunnels. Sidni too scouts ahead, but a dark elf hears him and shoots blindly, but the bolt goes wide.

Ungrid and Ordoreth take on the dark elf leader that the spell-casting elf has been fighting, slaying him. Another dark elf is wounded by Elgir, then blasted down by more magic missiles from Phildor.

Then, as Sidni attacks and becomes invisible, missing too, she is bashed on the back by the revealed giant, who then staggers back from several of Phildor’s missiles, and falls dead on its face when Corvin appears in the side tunnel, shooting it with one of his trademark poisoned arrows.

The battle is over. The bodies and small caves are searched, loot gathered and stuffed in the bag of holding; amongst them are several magic weapons, properties unknown. They tend to their wounds, then continue up the main passage, Sidni made invisible again. Three hours later the tunnel widens, into a huge cavern. Sidni scouts ahead, finds another yawning chasm, this time with a pair of rope bridges crossing it. The chasm is over a hundred feet wide, and he sneaks halfway across before spotting dark elves guarding with giant crossbows pointing across the chasm. She heads back and reports to the others…

End of Session

Kills: 1 hill giant, 5 dark elves.


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