Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Mowing Down Ogres

Session 55

The ogres hurry down the stairs, only to be blocked before they exit by the adventurers, their freed dwarf Mim and the rescued elven king, Hurin. Ungrid, still giant-sized, wades into the ogres, felling one after another after another, while Corvin and Xellos loose arrows and bolts, Sidni stabs with his spear Werebane, and Halmary slings rocks. The ogres fall swiftly, then a dire wolf is hacked down, and the Hill Giant pushing the ogres on falls to Ungrid’s sword, but not before it bruises Sidni.

With the rebel orcs holding back for now– one of the bosses follows the party, ready to report back when it is safe– the adventurers head upstairs, finding the pantry where the stairs exit, empty of giants. Corvin listens at the door, hears the heavy breathing of giants, and after Halmary blesses them, Ungrid pulls open the door and takes the battle to the two Hill Giants and ogre that stand guarding the doors into a large kitchen. Corvin, backing against another door, and firing into the melee with his Heart-Seeker bow, is surprised when a third Hill Giant opens the door and takes a swing at him, and is almost knocked to the ground by the heavy blow. Xellos and Ungrid swing axe and sword, cutting into the giants, while Sidni and Mim lend Corvin a hand, with Halmary backing them up with his mace. Corvin shoots a giant in the eye, taking it down, and then wounds an ogre with another; it falls to the combined blows from Halmary and Mim, while Corvin takes out the injured ogre in the kitchen with a well-placed arrow. Two dire wolves run into the battle, but a quick command animal sends one attacking the other, and the final giants fall down dead as the wolves continue to fight.

Leaving the wolves to fight, the party start heading down the corridor, hoping to find a way out before they are overwhelmed…

End of Session

Kills: 5 Hill Giants, 15 ogres, 1 dire wolf.


theskyfullofdust theskyfullofdust

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