Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

One Down...

Session 63

7th Planting

The battle continues as the remaining giant-kin and ogres entry the chaotic fighting, and in the brief moment before they engage the surrounded resistance fighters, Halmary lays on hand and mends the wounds Sidni suffered.

Corvin lets loose an arrow, wounding one of the advancing verbeeg, then takes a glancing blow from an ogre-hurled spear; one of Phildor’s smashes its former brethren to the ground and stamps on its head; another verbeeg is knocked to the ground when Mim’s Sword of Thunder sends it sprawling with a thunderous boom that rocks the village; Sidni and Xellos hack into the tough flesh of the giant-kin; and Elgir proves himself a capable fighter by felling an ogre and cleaving into one of the giant-kin. It’s not all so easy though, as Elgir, Xellos and Ungrid are all belted by their opponents, the dwarf especially so.

Halmary steps up to the prone verbeeg and bops it on the head; Corvin sends another arrow into the guts of the giant-kin, but the poison tip fails to kill it; Xellos absorbs some life-force as he slays a verbeeg and drains its soul; and Phildor’s earth’s teeth spell proves useless. Another verbeeg charges through the battle, stabbing Phildor with its spear; thankfully the mage’s robe absorb most of the impact. The same cannot be said for Ungrid, who takes a spear to the head; Mim kindly cuts the attacking verbeeg down, but it turns out that he was only dazed. Corvin suddenly finds himself in close combat as an ogre steps up, and across the field, Sidni takes down another verbeeg with his mighty two-handed sword.

Shaking off his dazed condition, Ungrid swings and hurls his warhammer, and Grontdrengi smashes the skull of an approaching verbeeg, killing it outright. More blows are exchanged, and another giant-kin falls, but so does Corvin! The thief takes a spear to his chest, puncturing his lung and heart, almost killing him. Only a quick intervention by Halmary prevents him from dying, but even so, Corvin is in a bad way.

Others are starting to suffer: Phildor takes a couple of more blows, then manages to break out of the fight and sends a flurry of magic missiles into an ogre; Elgir takes another hit, but shrugs it off and hacks back…

…and then the fight is suddenly over: Mim takes out an ogre; Elgir chops down a verbeeg; then Xellos and Ungrid cut down two more giant-kin, wounding more with well-aimed cleaves, and the final ogre has it skull crushed by the swing of Halmary’s mace.

The dust settles, the houses and bodies are looted, and a stretcher made for Corvin. They head back across the plains and rolling hills, arriving safely at Hocholve, where Corvin is tended to and restored to life & limb, suffering only night-terrors from henceforth. As the elves complete the last details of the ritual scroll and send out scouts to their former city, to find the quickest and safest path to the portal at its heart, the party of mighty heroes plan their next move.

It is decided that another attack on the supply/tribute wagon is called for, this time with an ambush in the ruined and abandoned village that was a possible site before. They pack their bags and head off, arriving a couple of days before the wagon is due in. There they plan and prepare their ambush, and wait for the caravan to arrive…

End of Session

Kills: 11 verbeeg, 4 ogres (but seemed like so much more).

KOs: Ungrid (just dazed), Corvin (critically wounded, restored to life & limb, but suffers from night terrors now).

Current Date: 25th Planting, 592 CY.


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