Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Liberation of Pregmere

Session 68

After a day’s rest, with West Town liberated, the resistance fighters/giant-slayers decide to deal with Pregmere. They travel across the plains, keeping the road in sight to ensure they do not get lost, and in the evening they send Corvin off on the flying carpet to scout the area. He manages to avoid being seen and reports back, drawing a simple map and noting where the giants are. This lot seem less wary, probably because they are massive Fire Giants. There are also a dozen or so Hill Giants, but they seem to be slaves as well and are locked in barns at night.

A plan is made: under the cover of a silence spell they will sneak up to each of the large converted barns where the Fire Giants sleep, and kill them. Sometimes the simplest plans are the best.

The first barn is opened by Corvin, revealing a pair of Fire Giants munching away on a roasted sheep. The giants are caught completely by surprise, and one falls dead immediately when Ungrid hurls Grontdrengi and pulverises its skull. The other is shot by Corvin, stabbed by Mim, hacked by Xellos, and falls dead when Sidni stabs it with her spear. They loot and move on to the next, still under cover of silence.

The next barn is even swifter: Corvin’s poisoned arrow kills one instantly, and the other has its skull crushed by Ungrid’s mighty hammer. The third barn proves a little more difficult, but not by much. The giants are not surprised this time, but the combined swords, axes, spears and hammers of Elgir, Halmary, Ungrid, Mim, Sidni and the conjuration of XellosEarth’s Teeth and Phildor’s Magic Missiles slay the enemy within a matter of seconds. The next one is where the Fire Giant chief lies, along with the Giant Troll that escaped from West Town. The troll is caught unawares and between Corvin, Ungrid and Phildor’s magic, it is killed before it can even raise its head. The chief, however, is ready for them and survives the first round with only a few cuts from Mim and Ungrid.

Then he falls down dead when Corvin’s poisoned arrow kills him.

The town is looted, the 300+ slaves freed, and the imprisoned Hill Giants ruthlessly slaughtered.

End of Session

Kills: 8 fire giants, 1 giant troll.


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