Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Mirrored Hall: Part Eight

Session 36

With the battle over the party head into the ruins, Zarkov picking up Corvin’s arm from the piles of dead apes. Idni and Halmary take point, checking out the corridors and finding rooms beyond: lairs of the apes, disused dining hall, some barricaded doors that are forced open to reveal lion-headed skeletons in the room beyond, a well and also a scroll of _Restore Life & Limb_, which is handy: Halmary uses it to reattach Corvin’s arm, but the strain of the higher-level divine magic weakens Corvin’s body and soul [-2 WIS and until he has had a month to rest, he’s not going to recover from his ordeal, staying on 1 hit point].

They press on, finding the last badly injured ape, who fled the battle: Idni kills it before it has a chance to react to their presence. In a locked room they find a chest of coins and gems, and a blunt silver dagger that Zarkov pockets. In another they find more loot, including a magical Sword of Chiming that Ungrid takes. Having explored the first part of the ruin, they approach the bronze doors at the end of the main hall. They are warm to the touch: covering themselves with their shields, Zarkov and Halmary open the doors.

Inside is a chamber, four statues with different heads in the corners, looking upon a whirlpool of fire that descends into the floor. Around the edge are four arcane circles, each holding a skull that corresponds to the heads of the statues. Two sets of steps lead further down. No one touches the skulls and all keep an eye on the statues as they approach the first set of steps: it leads into a crypt with a pair of elaborate sarcophagi with images of tigers. A sconce on the wall is pulled by Halmary, opening a secret door: inside is a treasure vault, with chests and a rack of arms. Watching over it is a lion-headed statue, identical to the wardens from the tower. Naturally enough, it animates and attacks as soon as the treasure is tampered with, shooting flames from its fingertips. Idni and Zarkov both get burned, but Indi manages to smash it to pieces, and they loot the room, gaining a magical suit of plate armour and a magic shield (but with no idea what they do). Both are given to Halmary, who passes his old magic shield to Ungrid.

They look in the two sarcophagi, but there is only a pair of charred skeletons and nothing else. They head back to the room with the fiery whirpool.

End of Session

Kills: 1 wounded ape, 1 stone statue.

Level-Up: Corvin has learnt a lot from his recent ordeal and is now level 6!


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