Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Mirrored Hall: Part Four

Session 32

When Heslan comes in, the lion-headed butler asks them why they are here and the party explain that they are looking for a way out: he tells them to ask the old sage in the ruins, who knows the way out. He also asks them to leave, as the tower is in fact a prison for an exiled prince. They agree to leave, after Indi asks for some ale for Ungrid; the butler obliges and sees them out.

They make their way back to the ruins, into the dungeon to where the sage was. The half-blind old lion-headed man confirms that he does indeed know the way out, but will only tell them if they agree to rescue his prince from his exile. They tell they need some time to think about it, and instead head off into the jungle to look for a way out themselves. Along the way they come across the rival party of adventurers who, this time, ask to join forces; the party refuses, and they go their separate ways. They come across a glowing pool of water, and Indi decides to taste it: he grows immensely fat! He takes another sip, thinking it might reverse the effect, and instead comes over all weak and ends up unable to move. So they decide to make camp, and over the night Idni slowly returns to normal.

On their third day in the jungle they continue to explore, encountering the rival party again, who this time decide to attack: Idni quickly blinds the short woman who was the rivals leader, then Ungrid cuts her down. Her companions follow soon after, with Ungrid felling another, Zarkov kills another with a heavy smash to the archer’s head, then Halmary crushes the head of another, and the final one falls to an arrow from Corvin’s bow.

They loot the bodies, and spend a couple of hours resting.

End of Session

Kills: a rival party of adventurers (5 in all).


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