Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Mirrored Hall: Part Twelve

Session 40

In the aftermath of the sprawling battle, the party regroups in the abandoned forge and discuss their options: with an injured and partially blinded Idni, the debate wages between resting or exploring, looking for the way out that the sea-demon Blinovitch mentioned. They decide to continue exploring, and wade out into the flooded corridors again, making their way into the flooded chamber with the statue and the remaining three skeleton sharks, all of which are swiftly turned by Zarkov, and smashed to bits by Ungrid; they climb onto the dry ledge, before anyone drowns. Corvin flies over to the statue to check it out, and discovers a hexagon-shaped sapphire embedded in its chest: another of the ‘keys’ that are looking for. They take it, and continue on, crossing another flooded room, walking through a room littered with bones and old, brittle skeletons.

Another corridor leads into yet another flooded room, wherein is a human-faced snake, a naga that introduces itself as Slither, and begs to be escorted to freedom. To aid its escape, it does a foolish thing and tries to charm Zarkov, and succeeds! As Zarkov tries to argue the case, Ungrid takes umbrage and wades in to attack the naga, swinging his sword; Slither tries to charm him, but fails. As the others grapple Zarkov, to prevent him from doing anything foolish, Ungrid and Corvin attack, and Corvin also gets charmed by the naga’s bite. As the dragon turns to attack Ungrid instead, Sinnba-vek does the only sensible thing: he casts dispel magic on the group, dispelling the charm on Zarkov and Corvin, which also reverse the polymorph effect on the thief, reducing himself back to his former self, which has the beneficial side-effect of healing him enough so that he no longer needs the month’s rest he needed before. Then Ungrid kills the naga, and they move out, finding a cloakroom with a robe that is threaded with gold and silver and is worth a bit, and find a secret door that hides a room with several chests. Corvin narrowly avoids being poisoned by a needle-trap, and they loot the treasure from inside.

Then they find a room with a hexagon carved into the wall, which is where the sea-demon said the portal out was hidden. They trigger the secret door, and find a well that descends into darkness: the portal out.

The rest for the night.

End of Session

Kills: 3 skeletal sharks, 1 naga.


theskyfullofdust theskyfullofdust

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