Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Trolls Are Not a Pushover

Session 66

The battle continues…

…with Corvin flying around on the carpet, shooting arrows into the trolls, everyone else wading into the fight and taking down the trolls so that Phildor can incinerate them with his magic. The trolls are quickly dealt with, allowing the party to settle down to tend to their wounds. Corvin scouts the area, but all is clear. Halmary cures some of their wounds, chiefly Sidni’s, as she suffered the most in that fight.

A decision is made: they will make their way to West Town, where they know the trolls came from, and liberate that town next. The elves can wait for the time being, and no one is eager to take on a dragon of unknown power. So they hike across the plains, finding a place to camp as night falls. Corvin once again takes to the air and scouts out the town, taking note of what buildings are occupied. They others set guards and bed down for the night. Over the course of the next day they scout out more of the town, from a distance, and ensure that everyone is fighting fit and prepared. Then they rest for the night.

7th Flocktime, low summer, 592 CY

In the morning they follow some ogres and slaves to the silver mine to the north, and sneak up to the entrance. Sidni throws caution to the wind– after all, there are only ogres inside– and walks in, followed by the rest: Ungrid takes the first kill, after the ogre suffers a few wounds, and the others spread out into the tunnels, telling the slave miners they come across to head back to the entrance. The other ogres are swiftly slaughtered, with Xellos decapitating one and draining its life, Sidni stabbing another throw its black heart, and the last one falling to the combined blows of Elgir and Halmary.

They free the slaves, and tell them to stay put in the mine for a while; best that way, as the party are heading off into the town to kill the trolls, ogres and whatever giants they come across. The trolls and ogres have spread out into the fields, taking slaves with them to toil the fields. The party discuss their options: some want to entice the enemy into the mines and kill them, others fancy holding the bridge but the giants can easily wade across the river, and others just want to go and kill the monsters. The killers win out, and the sneak across to the trolls in a field to the north, which is away from all the other groups. They manage to catch the trolls unawares and charge into their midst…

Corvin takes out a troll with a poisoned arrow, the other trolls take hits from Halmary, Sidni, Ungrid, Mim and Elgir, but they are all struck back in return, badly too. The trolls are a force to be reckoned with!

Phildor helps out with a devastating Earth’s Teeth and three of the trolls fall down, and Halmary takes down another, and the final troll falls as Mim stabs it in the back. Xellos and Phildor fire off a mixture of burning hands and fiery magic missiles and incinerate the trolls.

They gather the slaves, keep them quiet, and thank the gods that none of the other enemy have noticed anything… yet.

End of Session

Kills: 6 trolls, 1 giant troll, 1 young troll, 4 ogres.


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