Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Webbed Cavern

Session 210

The Heroes camp down in the crumbling tunnel on the night of their 11th day underground. During the night they are attacked by Cave Morays that squirm out of the cracks and fissures, managing to bite a few of the unarmoured and sleeping before the adventurers (even Eshan) manage to dice them. They move camp further down the tunnel, then set camp again and the rest of the night passes without incident.

They travel for another two days, truding through the perfectly straight tunnel, and come to another cavern: this one is a large chams, the tunnel continuing on the other side. Thick cobwebs span the chasm, anchored to the walls and boulders partially blocking the entry. Sindi takes flight using her Feather spear carrying the magical glowing warhammer of Halmary’s. She spots a cave high on the wall, and spots a large spider climbing out. Before she has a chance to warn the others, that spider spots Halmary and scuttles forward, letting loose a stream of webs that completely engulf the cleric, trapping him!

Another two of the spiders scuttle out, all moving down onto the webs spanning the chasm, and as the adventurers move forward, both Calibos and Ungrid are both webbed too!

Xellos manages to duck down as another spray of sticky webs heads his way, and then he retaliates with a_ lightning bolt_ that badly burns two of the spiders; Sindi follows with a blast from her shield, her lightning bolt further wounding them. Then Sindi too is webbed, leaving only Xellos and Eshan untouched. Calibos, with his girdle of giant strength starts tearing free, while Eshan starts to cut away at Ungrid’s webs. Meanwhile, Xellos finishes off the two wounded spiders with a flurry of fiery magic missiles, sending them spiralling into the chasm below. He injures the last spider with more magic missiles, and as it scurries closer, Calibos breaks free and takes a swipe at the spider as it enters his reach; the spider is cut in twain and falls twitching to the ground.

After freeing the others from the webs, Sindi, Ungrid and Calibos (using Boots and a Potion of Levitation) explore the cave the spiders crawled out of, finding plenty of loot that they collect and stow away in their bags of holding_. Sindi then uses the remaining time of her fly to ship the others all upto the cave. From there, Xellos uses a fl_oating disc and borrowed boots of levitation and ferries everyone across to the other side, where they re-enter the tunnel, camping there before they head off the following day.

After a brief encounter with another tunnel worm (that barely raised its head before Sindi and Ungrid smashed it to pulp), another couple of days travel finds them arriving at yet another cavern, with a chasm falling away before the cave opens up. Old, crumbling stairs arch over the chasm, then rise up on supporting columns to the tunnel opposite, high above the cave floor.

Sindi takes flight and enters the cave, and no sooner has she done so, then a yipping, shriekinghigh-pitched chorus ecohes around the cave, grating on nerves and almost deafening the party.

End of Session

Kills: 12 moray eels, 3 arane, 1 tunnel worm.


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