Young thief turned resistance fighter


INT 13
DEX 16
CON 10
Class Thief
Level 7
Title Pilferer

AC 5, Move 120’(40’), HD 7d4, hps 10, #AT 1, Dmg 1d6, SV T3, AL L; thief skills, backstab (x3).

Proficiencies: Adventuring, Survival, Craft (Leatherworking), Trap Finding, Precise Shooting, Trapping.

Languages: Common, Giant/Ogre.

Equipment :
Shadow Armour, Long Hooded Cloak, High Leather Boots,Tunic & Pants, Gloves, Belt, Pouch, Pouch,
1xQuiver & 40Arrows,1xQuiver & 10 magical arrows (4x+1, 6x+2) Heartseeker, Troll-bane, Tooth Fairy, Backpack, Waterskin, Blanket, Thieves Tools, Tinderbox, 6 Torches, 50’ Rope, Grappling Hook, 12 Iron Spikes, Small Hammer, Bag Of Holding, Scroll Case contining Scroll of Lycanthropy Ward, Potions case containing Potion of Diminuation, Potion of Plant Control, 3 Potions Cure Light Wounds, 1 Potion Cure Serious Wounds, 10 healing herbs.


Corvin’s parents (traveling merchants) were killed in the wars with the Giants, leaving him alone at a very young age (5 or 6 yrs old???)……several years on, he was found (attempting to pick the pocket of one of the resistance leaders) and recruited into the underground resistance.

Due to his years on the streets, Corvin is a slightly built but exceptionally nimble young man, ideally suited to sneaking into dark and dangerous places.

He has been taught to work leather in order to ‘curb’ is light fingers, and is now (for a thief anyway) a very trustworthy and talented youngster.

His survival on the streets has instilled in Corvin an deep kinship for those who have nothing……and he is frequently seen taking ‘aquired’ goods to the urchins and homeless he once lived amongst.


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