Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust

Session 212

As the rest of the party stand at the bottom of the shaft, Sindi grabs a light and flies up and up and up, half-a-mile straight. Two hundred feet from the top, where a glimmer of daylight filters through, a mass of cobwebs block the passage. She spots a spider lurking in the cracks of the shaft’s wall. Then she heads back down, levitating all the way to the bottom, taking a couple of hours to rejoin the others. The others stay put, resting their weary feet, tending to their weapons and armour, as Sindi levitates up again, and burns through the webs and the spider with a crackling lightning bolt; two more spiders scurry out of a cave, but she just spears them and sends them plummeting to their doom.

Down below, Eshan is covered in spider gore as the two bodies splat next to him.

They rest for the day, then using a mixture of diminution and levitation potions, boots and fly, they ascend the shaft and come out in a cave that overlooks a steamy jungle. From their vantage point they can see a river winding through the nearby trees, and a clearing with some wooden structure. A trail of smoke wafts up from the building. They head towards it, hacking their way through the jungle undergrowth until they suddenly come out right in front of the building; inside, there are snarls and hisses, voices raised in concern, and looking through the gapes in the walls, the heroes see a group of explorers trapped between savage lizardfolk and a dozen or so Rust Monsters!

Sindi wastes no time coming to their aid, stepping inside what appears to be an old iron foundry, and lightning bolting three of the lizardfolk, grabbing everyone’s attention and enraging the dead creatures allies!

Ungrid hurls Grontdreng through the opening in the wall, crushing the skull of a lizardman, and Calibos charges past him, leaping over the obstacles in his way, and decapitates another. Those inside shout, and from the surrounding jungle more lizardfolk emerge; and several drop down dead as Xellos unleashes a death spell. Even that doesn’t stop them, as they snarl and shout, raise their spears and axes high, and attack!

Meanwhile, the Rust Monsters sense fresh new metal to eat. Several attack the trapped explorers, destroying weapons and armour; the others move towards the heavily equipped party. Halmary suffers the first loss as he whacks one of the armoured beasts, but is aghast as his magical mace Crusher is turned to rust before his eyes. Ungrid turns to face the newly arrived lizardfolk, taking down another and catching a champion with the return of his hammer. Sindii finds herself momentarily surrounded, but then Eshan proves himself capable in a fight and backstabs one of the lizardmen, freeing Sindi from being trapped. Xellos lets loose with a flurry of his fiery magic missiles, taking out another champion and wounding the Rust Monster facing off against Halmary.

Ungrid finds himself facing a Rust Monster, and grabs Mountain Sledge to use instead of his favourite weapon. He smashes the armoured hide of the monster, but does not kill it. Worse, the warhammer’s metal parts rust away and the magical weapon crumbles. The monster retaliates, its antenna slapping against the dwarf’s plate armour, turning it to rust as well!

Calibos finds himself in a similar situation, his armour disintegrating as he finds a Rust Monster rearing up behind him. As his armour turns to red and falls apart, the shaman lizardman casts a spell, and Calibos is held! One of the shaman’s allies grab hold of the former paladin and heaves him over its shoulder; it starts to make its way out of the foundry. The shaman tries to follow, but is blocked by Halmary, who was freed from fighting his Rust Monster after Xellos slew it with another burst of magic missiles.

Sindi levitates herself up out of reach of both Rust Monsters and Lizardfolk, pulling her bow free and taking aim at one of the Rust Monsters. She sticks it with a magic arrow, right between its beady eyes, killing it outright.

Ungrid and Xellos engage the reinforcement lizardmen, and a couple of Rust Monsters. It seems to be going well, with the lizardmen staggering under their blows. Then things take a turn for the worse, as the Rust Monster leaps at Ungrid, grabs hold of Grontdrengi and eats it!

End of Session

Kills: 3 giant black widow spiders, 17 lizardfolk, 2 rust monsters.

Losses: two sets of magical plate armour, Mountain Sledge warhammer, and the mighty Grontdrengi.


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