Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Naked Calibos

Session 213

With the loss of his most powerful weapons and armour, Ungrid levitates into the air out of reach of the metal-eating beasts.

Meanwhile, the battle continues around him, while the lizardman carrying Calibos runs off into the jungle.

Halmary takes out the lizardfolk shaman with a hefty whack to the head, then backs off as more rust monsters come towards him. He finds himself cornered and the king of the rust monsters looms over him; but before it has a chance to do anything, Xellos fires off a ray of paralysis, freezing the big beast in place. Halmary tries to escape the smaller monsters by climbing on the king’s back, but something about its hide doesn’t like metal either, and Halmary’s armour starts to rust; he jumps off before it is damaged, but is then trapped against the wall by three of the rust monsters are eagerly try to eat his plate armour.

Xellos joins Sindi and Ungrid in the air as he too downs a potion and levitates up. Eshan, down below, finds himself losing weapons quickly as a rust monster takes a shine to him and he is soon defenceless. Those explorers inside manage to break out, and join the fight outside, but they too are missing their weapons and armour and starts grabbing the stone and wooden implements from the dead lizardfolk.

Speaking of the lizardfolk, those left, fanatically fighting on despite their losses, savagely tear into the explorers, killing a couple before Xellos (by magic missile) and Ungrid (with a dagger, after dropping back down to the ground) end their lives. The final champion almost survives as a prisoner, after Xellos commands him to freeze, but Ungrid just slits his throat.

That leaves just the rust monsters. Sindi lobs down the grenade from a while back, creating a devastating explosion that blasts half-a-dozen of the monsters to pieces; Xellos takes a couple more out with a lightning bolt, freeing Halmary and allowing him too withdraw. Sindi kills another with a well-placed arrow, and the last two scurry off, finally driven away. Halmary then goes back in and bludgeons the rust monster king to death with his staff.

While Halmary deals with the king, and Ungrid gathers the surviving explorers and Eshan together outside the foundry, Sindi and Xellos hurry after Calibos. They quickly find a trail and hack their way through the jungle, passing a ship wrecked on the bank of a small river (but Xellos’ sword of locate person doesn’t detect Calibos, so they leave it alone for now) and soon coming across all of Calibo’s items, including his clothes, thrown on the ground. They make a note of where to find it, and hurry on. Before too long they come to a clearing, where a ruined temple stands. From inside they hear chanting.

Sindi and Xellos approach, both invisible, and Xellos’ sword detects Calibos inside and down. The temple has a pit inside, and the lizardman that carted away their friend is kneeling down, praying, chanting, intent on whatever is in the pit. Sindi tries to barge the chanting lizardman into the pit, but slips on some leaves and instead collides with a pillar. The lizardman spins round, spots the now visible explorer and claws her across the chest. Xellos comes up behind him, and decapitates the lizardman.

Below, the pit has two arches leading off. A trail of slime leads into one. They both levitate down and follow the slime into a cavern, where they spot an abomination of undulating flesh wrapped around a naked Calibos, many mouths latched on and beginning to tear at his flesh. Quickly hasted, Sindi and Xellos charge in, stabbing and hacking away at the creature, killing it and saving Calibos from being eaten. They leave the cave and lots of loot for now, grabbing Calibos and make their way back to the foundry, collecting Calibos’ belongings on the way back.

When everyone is back together, they introduce themselves to the explorers they rescued; an expedition looking for a lost city, and who know think it better to return to port to resupply and hire new men, having lost much on their journey so far. The heroes then open up their bags if holding and bring out various magic weapons and armour to replace the ones they lost, rearming and quickly back to their unstoppable selves.

End of Session

Kills: 1 lizardfolk shaman, 1 lizardfolk champion, 2 lizardfolk warriors, 1 rust monster king, 10 rust monsters, 1 abomination.


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