Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Yellow Musk

Session 214

The heroes regroup back at the ruined foundry, where Halmary unpacks mundane weapons and armour from his bag of holding and distributes them to the rescued explorers (a couple of scholars, a guide, and mercenaries). They are looking for a lost city, but after losing much of their equipment and several men, have decided to return to the port they came from so that they can resupply and hire more men. The heroes suggest that they all go together, but only after they’ve checked out the ruined temple Calibos was almost sacrificed in, and the shipwreck they passed while rescuing him. The explorers agree, and tag along.

They head to the temple, leaving Eshan to guard the explorers, while the rest levitate down and explore the catacombs below. The offerings left for the abomination are looted (coins, gems, various trade goods, some potions and possible magic items), then the catacombs raided: most caskets are already open and empty, but they find one sealed with the bones of a child inside with a crushed skull, and a horn carved with symbols of wind; Halmary pockets that. Two sarcophagi are looted of the diamonds resting in the skeleton’s eye socket, but there’s no danger and it is uneventful.

Back to the shipwreck, which seems to be an odd ship, buried nose-first in the earth, too big for the small river that runs by it. They explore the upper deck, finding little of interest (water-damaged charts, a journal, and a brass telescope), a stone chair with a skeleton of a hippo-man sat in it, with vines and yellow flowers sprouting from its ribcage. Sindi and Calibos descend into the hold, where ripped cargo webbing hides crates and other goods. Flowering vines curl around the interior, and as the two begin to fan out, and Halmary and the others get ready to join them, Sindi spots a zombie (also with vines and yellows flowers sprouting from its body) lurking behind a crate. It rears up to attack an unsuspecting Calibos, but is speared by Sindi and cut down.

Then things get interesting as one of the flowers sprays a cloud of pollen in the air, the spores entrancing Sindi but having no effect on Calibos. Sindi heads straight to the aft of the hold, where a think plant writhes and latches onto Sindi’s head with brain-sucking tendrils. Another zombie and a skeleton head into the hold, straight for Calibos. Ungrid, then Halmary, followed by Xellos after a few rounds, all come down to join them. Calibos charges past the flowery dead and goes straight for the plant, hacking it into pieces and freeing Sindi before any harm comes to her. Ungrid takes care of the other zombie, crushing it under his heel. Halmary tires and fails to turn them, since it appears that are not undead. He is about to use a ring of plant control, but Xellos cuts down the skeleton and then turns when he hears Eshan (on deck with the explorers) cry out as the hippo-man skeleton from above shambles down; this skeleton is smashed by Xellos’ axe.

They shred the plants, loot what little there is left in the hold, and retreat from the shipwreck. They discuss what to do next, and agree to head to the port in the morning. Halmary brings out a treasure map he found, and the explorers help him determine that there is a ruin of some sort a few days out from the port, and may provide a side-trek while they wait for a ship home to book passage on.

Camp is struck and everyone settles in for a night in the jungle.

End of Session

Kills: 2 Yellow Musk Zombies, 2 Yellow Musk Skeletons, 1 Yellow Musk Creeper.


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