Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Kobold Slaughtering
Session Five

Moonday 17th Readying, to, Sunday 23rd Readying, CY 591 (Spring)

During the week they are resting, nothing happens until the final couple of days. On the night of the 21st, Corvin spots approaching Frost Giants (three) and Ogres (seven) coming toward the ruins. After a quick discussion, the party break camp and, carrying the nearly recovered Zarkov, hurry into the dungeon. They make it without being seen, and set up camp in the empty room that wasn’t full of mud. Corvin and Idni keep watch, listening to the giants. Seems that they are looking for the Orcs sent to secure the dungeon, and plan on waiting until tomorrow to see if they show. If not, some of the ogres will be left on guard, whilst the rest of the group head to West Town to see if the Orcs went there instead. They’ll return a few days later.

Meanwhile, both parties settle down for the rest of the night. As they do, the party of resistance adventurers hear the scurry of paws, more rats, in the night, as well as the soft pad of feet. Nothing comes near the camp, but it is unsettling nonetheless. In the morning, the giants and all but three of the ogres head off; the three ogres guard the ruins, but are soon dozing in the sun. Zarkov is now fully healed, so they decide to continue exploring the dungeon, looking for whatever it is that the giants are searching for.

The adventurers move into the hallway where the Stirges attack, and hear noises from the corridor leading to the room with the skeletons. A series of yaps and barks, which Ungrid and Zarkov recognise as Kobold. The little reptilian dog-faces are caught unawares, even with the torch light; they are busy cutting up the dead rats for food, while a couple of others are too intent on re-covering the pit. Before they can react, Ungrid hollers and charges in, and the rest of the party follow.

The Kobolds prove no match for the party and quickly fall to arrows, bolts, spears, maces and axes. Nothing of value is found, so the party head onwards, entering a room with a pool of water. More corridors with cells lead off, a skeleton in one has a ring which Halmary takes. Into a large, vaulted chamber they enter, which is home to more giant rats. They do not attack, at least not until Ungrid swings his axe, narrowly missing. The rats swarm, coming from all directions, even behind, and for a moment it looks like the party are going to be overwhelmed; but despite a few bites, the rats are soon slaughtered.

The party separates to explore the rats’ nests. Corvin gets stuck in, elbows in the filth and debris the rats gathered, finding some ornate windchimes for his trouble. Meanwhile, Ungrid is jumped when he investigates a corridor leading away; two Kobolds leap out, swinging spiked clubs, but the dwarf’s armour is too sturdy. The little creatures back off, but Zarkov, with his crossbow, shoots one dead as it retreats. The other yells for help before being cut down by Ungrid, and at the same time, Corvin spots two more trying to sneak up from behind, via the corridor the party first entered from. He shoots one dead, but the other flees and is chased by the dwarves.

As the dwarves disappear from the room, the rest of the party take a look down the new corridor, turning a corner to find a gang of Kobolds ready to attack. With the party split up, the Kobolds attack; but to no avail. As the new ones engage the party, the dwarves track down the other Kobold, killing it and then following the corridor around to the rear of the new fight. Ungrid charges into their backs, whilst Corvin and Idni shoot arrows, Zarkov lets loose with his bolts, and Halmary wades in, mace swinging. One-by-one the Kobolds fall, and even as some try to flee, the party remorselessly cuts them down; two flee through a door, and Ungrid follows: he triggers a trap; a spiked wooden frame swings down from above the door, injuring him; but he carries on, and takes out one of the fleeing Kobolds. The other manages to escape through another door, wherein more Kobolds can be seen.

The party gather before the door, and Halmary kicks it open, revealing the lair of the Kobolds!

End of Session

  1. Kills:* 8 giants rats; 15 kobolds.
Centipedes, Skeletons, and Rats! Oh My!
Session Four

Following on from the previous session, the party (Senjo the Explorer, Halmary the Cleric, Corvin the Thief, Ungrid the Vaultguard, and Zarkov the Craftpriest, all Level 1) continued to explore the dungeon…

Halmary approaches the other stuck door, forcing it open with a mighty kick. Inside is a room damp and covered with mud, with fissures and cracks letting in light through the ceiling. Another door is across the room. All is quiet and seemingly empty. Him and Corvin enter, heading to the door. The others start to slowly move in as well. As Halmary kicks the other door open, six giant centipedes skitter out of the mud and fissures.

Corvin has one drop down almost on top of him, but he cuts it in two; Halmary and Zarkov crush another two with their maces, but Senoj only manages to wound his with a shot from his bow. Ungrid steps up and cleaves one in two, and seconds later Halmary kills another, Senoj wounds one, and Zarkov steals the kill by smashing it with his mace. A quick search reveals no treasure, and the door leads to another closet, with nothing but a blunt spear inside.

They move on, past the room from where the Stirges came from, taking the left corridor: cells line the corridor, a door at the far end. Inside two of the cells are skeletons: one is a human skeleton chained to the wall, a heavy silver bracelet on its arm. The other cell holds two dwarven skeletons, hands clasped around each others necks. Corvin checks for traps, finds none, and loots the treasure. Then, as he steps into an empty cell to have a search, a blob of Green Slime lands on his back! Quickly, as the slime begins to dissolve his armour, he cuts himself free of the leather vest and backs out quickly, slamming the door shut. They leave the slime to its meal.

The door opens, after a hefty kick from Senoj, into a dining hall, with a cistern and pump in one corner, and several tables and benches. Sat around them are eleven Skeletons, dressed in tattered robes and holding rusted maces in his hands. None react when Senoj shoots an arrow into the room; but as soon as the adventurers start to enter, the skeletons animate and advance, attacking en masse.

Halmary tried and fails to turn them, but Zarkov summons up his power and turns eight of them, which begin to back away. Meanwhile, Ungrid smashes one to pieces, then takes out another as it withdraws. Halmary takes two out, proving capable with a mace, as does Corvin. Senoj merely damages one. Then Ungrid takes a heavy blow to his head, momentarily dazing him, so that his return swing has little effect.

Now only two of the skeletons are still fighting, the rest cowering from the might of Zarkov. They all fall quickly to the combined attacks of the party; and not a moment too soon, as from the corridor behind, Corvin hears the pad of many feet and squeals of rats. He shines his torch and sees a swarm of Giant Rats heading straight towards them!

Corvin backs off, bow out, and stands with Senoj, both behind the two clerics who take up the front line; Ungrid, injured and without any missile weapons, stays back ready to help. Before the rats close, Senoj takes one out with his bow. Then the rats attack.

Zarkov is bit, a chunk of flesh torn from his shoulder. He bashes it over the head, crushing it. Senoj shoots over the dwarf’s head, killing another rat, and Halmary crushes one of those attacking him; more rats take their place. Corvin wounds one with his bow. Then Senoj drops his bow, grabs his spear, and begins to help the clerics, while the thief continues to fire at the rats still behind the front line; he takes another one out, thinning the numbers.

Then Zarkov falls down! A rat almost bites his face off, and Senoj fills the gap, allowing Corvin to drag the body out. The cleric and explorer take out two more rats, leaving one for Ungrid to slay as he shoves his way forward to revenge his fallen comrade; and the rats lie dead at their feet.

Zarkov is badly injured, has lost six teeth, and needs rest to fully recover; but at least he is alive. They discuss what to do, and after a search of the room (with nothing of value found), they decide to head out of the dungeon, make camp, and give Zarkov time to recover; while keeping an eye on the ruins, in case any orcs or giants turn up.

Thus ends the session.
Kills: 6 giant centipedes; 11 skeletons; 11 giant rats.
PCs KO’d: Zarkov (again; lost six teeth, needs a week’s rest).
Bandits & Dungeon Crawling
Session Three

Waterday 12th, to, Sunday 16th of Readying , CY 591 (Spring)

“We need to know what the giants’ interest in this ‘dungeon’ is,” said Hochtritt while pacing in the hall of the safe-house. “From the directions the orcs had, this dungeon is about three days travel; up in the foothills, halfway between Tika Town and West Town. I need you to go out there and find out what’s so important about that place; if it’s something we can use, take it. If not, destroy it. It’s quietened down now, so you should leave as soon as you are ready. The equipment you wanted has been smuggled in by Morten, and is over there by the door. Norris has also supplied us with the healing herbs we needed, so take what you can carry. If you’re not back within two weeks, I’ll presume you are dead. Try to make sure you come back; it’s takes time to train new folk, and time is a luxury we don’t have.”

The resistance party (Ungrid, Vaultguard L1; Zarkov, Craftpriest L1; Senoj, Explorer L1; Halmary, Cleric L1; and Corvin, Thief L1) head off as night falls, sneaking out of the town and heading along the road towards West Town. It takes two days to reach the old trails that lead into the hills, and they travel into the foothills in daylight; as night falls they seek shelter, and as they search amongst a rocky ravine with trees hanging from various outcroppings, a voice calls out: “Stop where you are! Show us you gold, and we’ll let you live.”

The keen eyes of Ungrid spot a couple of bandits lurking in the rocks and trees, and Corvin hears more on the other side of the trail. Senoj tells them to “stuff it”, and Zarkov and Halmary make a move towards the trees; and the bandits take offence at that and a couple of arrows fly harmlessly threw the cool night air. Senoj replies by loosing an arrow, which strikes a bandit in the chest, hurling him out of the tree and to his death below. Halmary follows his example, slinging a heavy stone that crushes the skull of another bandit, who falls amongst the rocks. An arrow barely scratches Senoj, and Corvin fells another (his first kill!) with a well-placed arrow. He climbs up the rocks, hoping to get a better view of the other bandits, but falls down, unconscious, as one of those bandits spies him and shoots him down. Zarkov rushes up to a bandit, using his axe to cleave him in two; and meanwhile, Ungrid tries unsuccessfully to climb the rocks, but his armour weighs him down. Instead he heads over to attack a bandit who climbs out of the tree, trying to get a better aim; but the dwarf’s axe swings wide.

Halmary takes out another bandit with his sling, as Zarkov clambers up to tend to the bleeding Corvin. Senoj exchanges arrows with the remaining bandit, both missing. That lone bandit, desperate but determined, starts to withdraw and Ungrid follows him, as does Halmary and Senoj. The bandit manages to block their attacks, then stabs Senoj in the chest, and the Explorer falls down! Meanwhile, Zarkov has woken Corvin and bandaged his wounds, and the thief is fit and well again. The dwarf then scurries down the rocks, leaping down the last few feet to block the bandit’s exit; allowing Halmary to get his third kill as he bashes the bandit’s skull in.

In the aftermath they revive Senoj, who is not too injured, merely bruised and winded. They find no loot on the bodies, just tattered suits of leather armour, worn short swords, bows and arrows. They strip the bodies and stash the equipment for recovery later; to help build up their ‘army’ supplies. They rest for the night, all feeling refreshed and fighting fit by morning. Another couple of hours walk and they come across some rubble, the ruins of a building long since collapsed. A stairwell leads down into darkness, a couple of dead giant rats on the middle steps. Closer investigation reveals that they have been drained of blood.

Torches lit, they descend into the dungeon, finding a couple of doors and an archway leading into a larger chamber. Etched on the keystone of the arch is the symbol of a raised gauntlet, spiked and clenched. Senoj hears a fluttering from the chamber ahead. Halmary and Ungrid, then the others, try to open the doors; but they are warped and rusted shut and prove hard to budge; their noise, however, attracts attention and a Stirge flies in to land on the arch, eyeing them up. Senoj lets fly an arrow, which misses, but agitates the creature into attacking!

Two more Stirges fly in from the chamber, converging on Ungrid, Halmary and Senoj. The Explorer shoots one of the air, and Corvin wounds another before it engages the rest; then the other two creatures follow after their mate, leaving a small pile of dead critters on the floor. Ungrid takes his axe to one of the doors, hacking it apart. Beyond is a disused, empty room. Another door leads into a closest, a pair of cloaks hanging up, worn and rotten with mould. In one is a pocket, holding an Agate gemstone. They pocket it, and head back to the other door.

End of Session

Kills: 6 bandits, 3 stirges.
PCs KO’d: Corvin, Senoj.

Orcs & Ogres
Session Two

Moonday 3rd, to, Waterday 5th Readying, CY 591 (Spring)

A quick plan is formed: as the Orcs move out with their hostage, everyone but the dwarves hide and get ready to ambush them if necessary. They move into position as the Orcs start moving up the tunnel, the dwarves backing away.

As the Orcs reach the side tunnel, one of them spies Senoj and calls out to his chief: “Boss, there’s more of them. A filthy human!” Then he spots Halmary and the children behind him. “And they’ve brought snacks for the Ogres. We’ll be taking them, human; hand them over!”

Naturally, Senoj refuses. At the same time, Ungrid calls out for the Orcs to release their prisoner, and they’ll allow them to pass. The Orcs refuse, and at a shout from Ungrid, the ambush is sprung; unfortunately, the Orcs are ready for trouble and aren’t surprised. As Senoj looses an arrow and Ungrid charges in, narrowly missing his Orc, Halmary steps past the explorer and crushes the Orc’s head with his mace. Behind that Orc, however, stands the Champion, who moves in and swings at the cleric, missing by a wide margin. Zarkov and Corvin advance, the dwarf craftpriest bashing in the skull of another Orc, while the thief manages to hit only armour.

Ungrid moves into the tunnel and quickly takes out the last typical Orc, while Corvin shoots over his shoulder and manages to hit the chief, forcing him to drop Morten and back off down the tunnel. The Orc Champion stabs Halmary in the chest, and the cleric falls down! Senoj leaps over his body, drawing his sword and wounds the champion; Ungrid and Corvin head after the chief, leaving Zarkov to help Senoj.

Zarkov manages to revive Halmary, who is weak from shock but thankfully alive. The others engage the chief, and Ungrid delivers the killing blow.

With the smuggler freed, they pass him the children and loot the Orcs, finding 1,800 silver, 2,000 electrum, and a quiver of fine elven arrows (which turn out to be +2 arrows). They return home, with an offer of a job from Morten (a historian wants to visit a lost temple, and wants an escort; he is willing to pay well), and a paper of Orc orders about a dungeon the giants want secured. When they return to their Safe House, Hochtritt uses one of the valuable healing potions to treat Halmary and tells them that a local farmer is in need of help: an Ogre has been causing him trouble, and as the farmer supplies them with much needed healing herbs, he has agreed to send his pupils to deal with it.

On the afternoon of Waterday the party head to the farm, and after talking to the farmer learn that the Ogre comes at night, demanding food and drink, threatening the family and carrying off one of their pigs. They believe the Ogre is not one of the main lot, so repercussions is caught might not be as severe. The party makes a plan: Corvin hides in one of the trees, some of the magic arrows with him; Senoj hides by the pig-sty with the other arrows; Halmary hides on the roof of the farmhouse with his net and an oil-soaked blanket; while the two dwarves remain inside, ready to attack. Then they wait for the Ogre to arrive.

A couple of hours after sunset the Ogre arrives, but before it can even bellow out that it wants its food, Halmary throws the net; which misses. Corvin fires off an arrow, and also misses; Senoj hits, making the Ogre twist round to see where the arrow came from, allowing Halmary to throw the blanket over its head, confusing the large creature; and allowing Corvin to shoot another arrow, which sticks in its back; the Ogre falls to its knees, seriously injured, and another arrow from Senoj takes it down, the arrow sticking out of the back of its head.

The farmers thank them, and the party chop up the body and dispose of it (some fed to the pigs, the rest buried). They return home to clean up and decide that the next thing to do is journey to the dungeon and see what the Orcs were after.

End of Session

Kills: 4 orcs, 1 orc champion, 1 orc sub-chief, 1 ogre.
PCs ko’d: Halmary (recovered, but was in shock and needed a day resting).

The Smugglers Cave
Session One
Moonday, 3rd Readying, CY 591 (Spring)

Hochtritt sends his resistance fighters on their first mission: to escort three children (Eric, Matthew and Rosie) to the Smugglers Cave, to be delivered to their contact, a smuggler called Morten. In exchange, they will be given a supply of weapons to be brought back to the safe-house.

The party (consisting of locals Corvin, Halmary and Senoj, and dwarf brothers Ungrid and Zarkov) sneak out of town under cover of night, easily avoiding the ogre patrols, and travel three hours through the moonlit night, to the cave. There they discover the corpse of Anders, one of the three smugglers they were to meet. He lies on the ground, arrows in his back (which Zarkov recognises as orc-arrows), a sword thrust to his gut. They immediately suspect trouble ahead, and keep the children back as Corvin scouts ahead, entering the cave. It is dark inside, but in the faint light coming from outside, the young thief stumbles upon the body of Jeppe, the second smuggler. He has been hacked to death. He reports this to the others, and all but Zarkov enter, lighting torches to see by; the dwarf craftpriest waits by the entrance, guarding the children.

The others head towards the storerooms, from where Ungrid hears movement. Suddenly, an orc looms up in the light; no, more than one, three orcs! Senoj and Corvin let loose arrows, injuring an orc, who shouts out to alert his allies. The orcs fire back, their own arrows bouncing off the walls and Ungrid’s banded armour. Both he and the cleric, Halmary, charge into the room and engage two of the orcs; the third seems to have vanished. Corvin and Senoj head back to the entrance, keeping an eye on the other tunnel as they know it links to the cave where the orcs are. As they do so, they hear a scream down another tunnel (they know that one leads to a dead-end), which is suddenly cut off. Zarkov, children in tow, decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, the dwarf vaultguard and the cleric are fighting a pair of orcs, when an orc champion comes out of the store rooms and engages Halmary. Ungrid takes out his orc with an axe to the head, and goes to help Hal. Elsewhere, Zarkov descends into the other tunnel, finding a dead orc. Before he goes any further, a giant spider pounces from above, narrowly missing. He swings his mace at it, scoring a hit, but little more than bruising it.

Back at the entrance, Corvin and Senoj spot the other orc down the tunnel and fire at it, and the explorer scores a direct hit, an arrow between the eyes that fells the orc. Ungrid kills his orc, and then helps Halmary against the champion, who manages to further wound the cleric. Zarkov backs away from the spider, telling the children to run back to the entrance, which they do. The spider follows and manages to bite the dwarf, but his hardy constitution resist the poison in its bite. He manages to get out of the tunnel, and the spider doesn’t follow, instead retreating into the darkness.

Halmary takes out the champion, crushing its skull. Ungrid heads up into the connecting tunnel, and spots another orc in hiding; he charges it. Halmary takes a moment to catch his breath, and heals his wounds with a divinely inspired lay on hands. Zarcov follows his brother, as does Senoj and Corvin. Ungrid wounds his orc, allowing the explorer to finish it off.

They spot the shipment of weapons, open and rummaged through, and approach it. From that tunnel (ends near the shrine and a dead-end tunnel), Senoj hears orc voices. Zarkov moves up to the crate, but an orc spots and shoots him, severing several fingers and knocking him down. Senoj drags his body out of view, and Halmary quickly tends to him, bringing him around and helping to bind his wounds.

Senoj calls out for the orcs to surrender. They reply with a threat to kill their captive, and shove Morten into view; the smuggler is alive, battered, and tied-up. They want to be allowed to leave the caves safely, or they will kill Morten. Senoj argues that if they kill him, then they are as good as dead. The orcs ignore his threat, surround their captive, and start moving up the tunnel.

End of Session

Kills: 6 orcs, 1 champion.
PCs ko’d: Zarkov (recovered, but lost a few fingers).

No loot as yet.


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