Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Partial Success
Session 186

Continuing on from last week…

Xellos and Sidni separate and get ready to hurl their monster-spheres into the bedrooms, while downstairs the rest of the Heroes fight the guards– normal, loyal to the Duke guards, not mirror-duplicates or anything like that– with Ungrid felling one with a mighty swing of his hammer. He takes out a second, and Calibos chops one down, while Halmary follows and heals as necessary. Upstairs, Xellos casts transmute rock to mud and punches a hole in the wall of the keep; immediately, he and Sidni hurl their spheres, summoning a pair of chaotic monsters that begin to ravage the rooms; as well as slaughter the remaining Mirror Lords inside. However, there is no sign of the Duke or Malachi.

Then the Duke suddenly appears– he was _invisible_– and a scouring wind blows Xellos back, injuring him. The undead Hero dives down out of sight, and when he pops back up, the Duke has once more disappeared. Sidni flies down to join the others, spying the soldiers mustering below in the town, ready to head up to the keep. She wounds the guards by the main doors, leaving them open to Calibos and Ungrid’s more powerful attacks, which cut down another pair of guards, then all three gang up on the remaining guards and finish them off as Xellos flies down to join them, warning them that the monsters they’ve released are on the move.

With their mission a partial success, they head off to the secret door, just missing the arrival of the monsters. As the others head off to make camp somewhere safe, as morning breaks over the forest, Xellos flies high and keeps and eye on what’s happening. The monsters tear into the army, killing dozens before the Duke appears once more and uses some sort of necromantic magic to slay the beasts.

Xellos returns to the rest of the party, and they camp and rest through the day.

End of Session

Kills: 8 guards.

Session 185

In the morning the Heroes ride off to Pest’s Crossing, approaching the outskirts of the domain as evening sets in. They avoid patrols, with Xellos flying and invisible and acting as scout, and settle in for a cold camp. As the sun sets, Xellos flies over the town and finds the Duke’s Army is camped there, making good use of the town’s lodgings. After he reports back, Xellos flies off to collect demon corpses to lay on the patrol routes to make the soldiers believe that there are demons about. Meanwhile, the others make plans.

Over the course of the next day (23rd) they locate the secret tunnel that leads into Calibos’ stronghold and make their camp there, hidden from sight. They wait until evening, then invisible Xellos and Sidni fly off to the stronghold, armed with the monster-spheres found at the farm, while the others make their way through the secret tunnel and into the basement of the keep. Under cover of a silenced coin, Xellos and Sidni wait until the early hours of the morning, when the camp is mostly asleep as are the commanders (including the Duke and Malachi). They assume that the lords are housed in the bedrooms of the keep, which are all shuttered, and as the others make their way inside (under cover of invisibility 10’ radius)– finding guards stationed inside the main doors– Sidni kicks open one of the shuttered windows and hurls one of the glass spheres inside: it shatters, silently, and smoke fills the room and swiftly turns into a monster of chaotic parts, which proceeds to tear the occupants of the room apart while they sleep. They fly to the next room, whose shutter remains stubbornly shut, and instead of trying again together, Sidni flies off on her own, to the other shutter, with one of the glass spheres in hand, the other with Xellos. They get ready to kick open the two remaining shutters, intent on hurling the spheres inside to kill whoever is there.

Downstairs, the others pass into the main hall, but alert the guards there and when Ungrid tries to bluff past them (saying he is a cook, when there is no cook inside, and he’s also still invisible) and fails, the guards advance; one opens the doors and alerts the others outside, and all but oen pile inside; the other runs off to alert the encamped army. Calibos, Ungrid and Halmary engage the guards, exchanging blows as upstairs the sound of the attacking monsters suddenly becomes clear…

End of Session

More Demons!
Session 184

Outside Gorna, the Heroes make camp and Halmary communes with his goddess and asks three questions to help they decide their next course of action:

  1. Is Malachi in Gorna? Answer: No.
  2. Is Malachi with the Duke’s army? Answer: Yes.
  3. Does Malachi have a magical mirror? Answer: No.

They ride off to Pest’s Crossing the next morning, and as evening falls on the 21st Reaping, a day from the occupied town, they spy flames coming from a farm just off the road. They pull up and send Xellos off to scout ahead: he quickly reports back that there are demons roaming the farm, the same sort that they encountered in the Shifting Tower. As the Heroes slowly advance to take a closer look, using trees and bushes as cover, one of the demonic floating eye creatures bobs out of the dark and fixes its eyes upon them: immediately, the demons turn in their direction and march towards the hiding Heroes!

Halmary leaps out of the bush he was hiding in and wallops the demon-eye, smacking it hard with his mace, and sending it bobbing into the sweep of Calibos’ sword, which cuts it in two. Ungrid hastes himself and hurls his hammer at one of the crab-armed demon soldiers, crushing some of its exoskeleton. Out of the dark one of the demon-hounds and its handler approaches, and Sidni lets loose a lightning bolt, but the nullification field surrounding the hound dissipates the magic. Meanwhile, both Halmary and Xellos conjure up some lights, revealing the demons in their full glory, and allowing Calibos to spot another advancing demon-eye: the dwarf charges in and cuts it down. Xellos flies too close to the hound and suddenly plummets to the ground, right in the path of more demons. He ducks a blow, gets scratched by the hound, and wounds one of the demon-eyes as it flails its tentacles at him. Halmary crushes the skull of a soldier, and Ungrid bashes one too; then the cleric takes a hit and staggers back from the blow.

Sidni flies off to aid Xellos, who finds himself facing off against several demons: he kills one of the demon-eyes, then cuts down the hound’s handler, dismembering it thanks to his magic axe, Hewer. Sidni, Ungrid and Calibos wound their opponents, but Sidni is battered by the soldier, but it at least distracts it from attacking Xellos. More blows are exchanged, and on the other side of the farm from Xellos and Sidni, Ungrid takes out a soldier and then a demon-eye, and then hurries over to join his friends. Calibos cuts down a soldier too, and Halmary ducks as he lays on hands to heal himself. He then whacks the soldier on the head, but is whacked back by a claw to the side; Ungrid charges in and crushes the hound’s ribs, but this merely angers it and it bites and claws at Xellos, which in turn merely angers the Ruinguard, and with a sweep of his axe, Xellos decapitates the hound.

Sidni and Ungrid gang up on the soldier, tearing it apart. Only two demons remain, the rest scattered across the farm, dead.

Xellos and Calibos charge in, axe and sword sweeping and cutting deep into the remaining soldiers, leaving them open for Ungrid to come speeding it, his hammer flying through the air to take them both out.

The dust settles. Wounds are tended to, the farm searched, and with no sign of any more demons, and only tracks leading into the plains where they came from (the East), the Heroes male camp somewhere off the road, away from the farm.

End of Session

Kills: 4 Demon Scouts, 7 Demon Soldiers, 1 Demon Hound, 1 Demon Handler.

Jacob's Farm
Session 183

17th Reaping, 594 CY

Tracking the horse and rider that fled the ruins of the hunting lodge, the Heroes find themselves about to pass by a small farm, when suddenly a woman comes running out of the farmhouse, screaming for help!

The Heroes spread out, approaching cautiously as the woman spies them and shouts for help: “It’s going to kill him!” Through the doorway of the farmhouse a monstrous figure can just be seen, the farmer fending it off with a pitchfork, standing between the monster and his young son. Calibos charges straight in as fast as his dwarf legs can carry him, while Sidni flies in through a window. They find a strange humanoid creature, part-ape, part-bear, with crab claw arms and the head of a stag, As they attack, it gorges the farmer, who distracts the beast long enough for his son to flee through the backdoor.

Meanwhile, Ungrid and Halmary hurry to join them, forcing open a window to squeeze through; while Xellos investigates the stables, where thuds and bangs come from: he opens the doors and the spooked horses inside bolt, knocking him over. They almost trample the young boy as he hurries over to his mother. Xellos also notes that by the barn lies the lower half of a man, torn apart, with a leather satchel close-by and several brown glass spheres lying on the ground surrounded by fragments of glass.

Inside the farmhouse Sidni wounds the monster: but its blood turns out to be deadly poison, and it sprays into Sidni’s face and across the farmer’s chest; both succumb instantly, and fall to the ground, dead! Halmary runs over to help, ready to reverse the effect, but Ungrid smashes the creature, shedding more blood, which narrowly avoids him and Calibos, but does splatter Halmary, who also collapses, dead!

The monster wounds the dwarfs, who wound it back and dodge the blood splatter, once more distracting it long enough for Xellos to swoop in and pelt it with magic missiles, killing the monster.

Thankfully, the Heroes have carried three neutralise poison potions for a few weeks, if not months, and these prove most useful: they reverse the effect of the blood spray, and Halmary, Sidni and the farmer are returned to life. The farmer’s family are reunited and they ask if the other monster is also dead…

The barn seems the obvious place for a monster to hide, so some of the Heroes head over to it, leaving Halmary to guard the family. Sidni enters first, scouting out the ground floor, while Calibos climbs up to the hayloft and is ambushed by an armadillo-armoured monster with the head of an eagle, with an added trunk, claws and a tail with a sting in it. The former paladin-turned-defender of the faith slashes it with his sword: the creatures hide hardens even as blood flows. Sidni flies up from below, jabbing it from behind with her spear: the creature’s hide becomes more reflective. Outside, Ungrid activates his ring of haste and hurries to the barn. Inside, Xellos joins the fight and pelts it with more magic missiles, scoring burning marks against its armour, which again shifts and reforms. Now, Calibos blows just bounce off, and the creature takes advantage of the surprise and wounds the dwarf: Calibos’ blood begins to burn, causing his immense pain!

Xellos then hacks off the monster’s head with his axe.

In the aftermath, Calibos is given a p_otion of gaseous form_ to quaff, saving him from dying, and when he solidifies he is cured. The farm is cleaned up and the monsters deposed of by burning them, and the torso of the dead man is found in the barn, along with gems and coins that the Heroes donate to the farmers. Also, the satchel holds a spell book, and a message:

_Brother Malachi,

As requested, here are some baubles that should prove useful in dealing with those annoying pests that are interfering with your plans. Use them wisely and with care.

Eldest Uncle._

They also pocket the glass spheres, wrapping them up in blankets to protect them and hiding them away in their bag of holding. They suspect that they release more monsters, and hence may come in useful. The farmer, Jacob, tells them that someone matching Malachi’s description came through this way a few days ago (maybe a week ago), and swapped horses, before heading on to Gorna. Today a man came looking for him, tripped over an escaped pig, and smashed something in his bag. A pair of monsters formed out of smoke and tore him apart, then attacked the farm. They would be dead if not for the heroes.

Glad to be of help, and with another clue, they head off to the capital and arrive a couple of days later. While most camp outside the city limits, Sidni and Xellos, both invisible scout about and learn that they are still wanted for treason, that the Duke and his lords are all with the army that is (has?) liberated Pest’s Crossing from the traitors. They report back, and during the evening make plans.

End of Session

Kills: two unique monsters.

KO’d: Sidni and Halmary, both died by poisonous blood, but were revived by potions of neutralise poison administrated in time.

Return to the Lodge
Session 182

10th Reaping, 594, morning

The Duke’s army is on the move again, several days march away and showing no signs of stopping. Scouts report back that the Duke and his commanders have spread the word of the Heroes treason, attempted assassination, and murder of the former commanders. Even ordinary folk in the towns and villages of the Grand Duchy are beginning to question the actions of these so-called Heroes. Back at Pest’s Crossing, the falsely-accused– well, of treason, they’re certainly guilty of killing– Heroes decide flight is better than fight, and decide to evacuate the town and surrounding land, sending the families under Calibos’ lordship off to Tika Town, accompanied and escorted by their small army. Meanwhile, the Heroes head off to see if the real Duke is imprisoned in the hunting lodge where they encountered him previously to the march of his army. Xellos first hides the mirror in the river.

On the 12th Reaping, the evacuees begin their long march, while the Heroes ride off towards the Oyt Wood, where the Duke’s lodge is located. They skirt around the approaching army, taking care not to be seen, and after three days of hard riding they arrive at the lodge and make camp as night falls. Xellos flies off to scout the place out, and discovers that the lodge has been burned to the ground! He reports back to the others, carrying a skull of a dead soldier for Halmary to speak with dead: he learns that there was a surprise attack, balls of fire exploding in the grounds. Sidni goes back with Xellos and they deduce that there was indeed a short-lived and one-sided battle, with tracks of a single rider leaving the ruined lodge.

In the morning, the 16th Reaping, the Heroes explore the ruins, looking for any sign of the Duke or for what happened there. Using their swords of seeking they find a faint trace of the Duke, coming from underground. They unearth the stairs to the cellar and descend. Whilst Ungrid and Xellos stand guard, Halmary uses his magic mace to search for secret doors and discovers one behind a barrel. Calibos opens it, triggering a glyph of warding that strikes him with a lightning bolt. Inside the hidden room are two broken statues: one of the Duke, the other of his wife. They seem incredibly life-like, and also smashed. Obviously someone had turned them to stone and then destroyed them, killing them. They take a few pieces from each, with the intention of somehow bringing them back to life at a later date. There is also a chest inside the room, which Halmary finds traps on and dispels another glyph of warding: inside are coins and gems that are looted.

Back outside they find horse tracks leading away from the ruins. They break camp, mount up, and start following them into the forest and down the path that leads out.

End of Session

Safely Home
Session 181

Once again the lever is pulled and the central column rises and falls, accompanied by a wheezing, grinding sound like the air itself is being torn apart. Sparks fly from the console. Peering out, they find themselves in the cave again, but at a point prior to their first arrival; another attempt, and even further back they end up; then one more time, and it appears that they have landed exactly where they left, with the book Sidni had placed by the door still there, intact and showing no sign of wear.

Unsure as to what approach to take (stay pressing levers inside, or head to the demon-infested tower and try to use that to get home) Halmary communes with his goddess and asks three questions:

  1. Can the tower take us home from our current location? Yes.
  2. Can this machine take us home from our current location? Yes.
  3. Will the portal take us home from our current location? No.

First off, Sidni and Xellos– both _invisible_– fly off out of the cave to scout out the tower: more demons are coming through the portal, so they report back to the others and decide that perhaps the tower is not the best way forward. Instead, they travel down the Ship’s corridor to the prison, where the bearded prisoner waits in manacles. They interrogate him as best as they are able, with Xellos reading his mind thanks to a potion of ESP: he tells them that he can pilot the Ship and will return them home if they free him, but that he does intend to exact his revenge on the world at large for his imprisonment. They decide to leave him, again, and once more he curses them as they head off back to the console room. There they once again try the lever, and the Ship travels and arrives on the slope of a mountain: a range they recognise as they are looking over the Grand Duchy of Geoff, their home, and spot several landmarks. No idea whether they are in their own time or not, Xellos and Calibos volunteer to find out by teleporting to Pest’s Crossing, in the hope that it is still there. They first rest for the day, recovering their spells and tending to their last wounds, and then off they go: they arrive in the town and quickly locate and convince Medmyr that they are all right and that Calibos is still himself, despite now being a dwarf. They also discover that they have only been gone two days.

But it has been a busy couple of days: they Duke has returned, appearing in Gorna and accusing the Heroes of treason and kidnapping, and murder by assassination of several high-ranking lords. He has rallied some of the troops that had previously deserted and the army is on the march again, heading for Pest’s Crossing. The Duke’s army will arrive in five days time.

Using teleportation and requiring another day’s rest, the others are brought back to the town and all are reunited back at Pest’s Crossing. Xellos scouts out the enemy army, and reports back that they are greatly outnumbered, and that they army is now only a few days away.

End of Session

Current Date: 9th Reaping, 594 CY.

Back into the Ship
Session 180

Relatively safe inside the strange dungeon found inside the mirror, the Heroes notice that the interior has repaired and reconfigured itself. Before they rest up and tend to their wounds, they decide to quickly explore the immediate vicinity. Xellos imbues Sidni with Infravision, and she heads off down the southern corridor, while the others check out the console room and retrieve some scraps and pages from damaged books.

Sidni disappears into the dark corridor, quickly losing sight of the console room, and is gone for longer than the others are comfortable; they follow, arriving in the next chamber, the room with the multiple mechanical arms hanging over a bed that seems more sized for a giant than normal humans. Not long after, Sidni arrives, much to everyone’s surprise. Turns out she had arrived there nearly an hour ago, saw ghost-like figures in the dark and quickly headed back, only to find the others had disappeared. She turned back, and somehow arrived after the rest of the party arrived… timey-wimey.

Down one of the corridors they hear the staccato screech of the metaltron, that creature that exterminated Calibos, forcing him to reincarnate as a dwarf. Also, coming out of the darkness, ghostly figures start to approach. Quickly, the Heroes head back the way they came, arriving together a few minutes later in the console room.

There they finally decide to rest and regain their spells, tend to their wounds, and catch their breathes after a long night of fighting and fleeing. Halmary creates glyphs of warding across the corridors, and they drag bookshelves to make further barricades. Guards are set, and Halmary sits down with some of the papers and finds one that looks like it is a translation guide between the Common tongue and the sigils and glyphs that decorate the console and the keystones of the arches into each room. He identifies some of the symbols on the console as belonging to travel and teleportation. Sidni convinces the others to test out the controls and presses buttons: each time the room shudders, and central column on the console rises and falls, a blue light pulsing in time, and a deep, wheezing, groaning noise drowns out conversation for a minute or so. When it all stops, they peer outside: they first end up in a forest, with ruins scattered throughout; then at the docks of a bustling port with several strange humanoids walking amongst the sailors and crowds; then an alleyway, demons passing by; then into the cave they were originally, but with the bones more weathered; then back to the cave again, but seemingly just where they were before; then the cave, but without the junk and bones; a ship’s hold; and finally a morgue, bodies on tables shrouded and still.

They close the doors, unsure whether they can now get back home, and wonder just what on earth they are going to do now.

End of Session

Timeline: it is now the 7th Reaping, 594 CY, relatively speaking.

Narrow Escape
Session 179

Gathered outside the entrance to the tower, demons surging towards them, others already engaged in combat, the Heroes struggle to hold the tide back and escape into the tower. Sidni flies over the heads of the demons, dropping Halmary into the tower’s doorway, allowing the seriously wounded cleric to heal himself. Calibos and Ungrid suffer a few wounds, but cut back a few demons as well. Then Sidni grabs an also badly wounded Calibos and hurls him into the tower, dodging blows from sharp claws, while Xellos hacks away with his axe, killing one of the hounds but finding himself against another; and his magic is still neutralised. Ungrid levitates into the air, allowing Sidni to drag him down and into the tower too, leaving just Xellos outside surrounded by demons. He barges past them, fighting his way to the tower, where the others are battling demon eye-creatures that are inside. As that battle wages on, Calibos turns his attention to the front door and tries to slam in shut in one of the demon hound’s face, but the hound shoves it back open. Xellos swaps places with him and manages to slam the door shut, and Sidni leaps to join him, throwing her weight against the door. Halmary starts hammering spikes into place, while Ungrid finishes the last of the floating demons and tends to his own wounds.

A temporary respite. The front door shudders as the demons throw themselves against it. In their minds the demon leader again demands their surrender, and for a moment it seems like most of them are willing to do so. A side door leads to a room with a cage, inside of which is a dead elf, maul and mutilated. His meagre belongings are taken by Xellos.

While the Heroes debate whether they should surrender or not, playing for time, Sidni checks out the inner door and peers through: beyond the chamber is also full of demons! They swarm towards the door as Sidni slams it shut and tries her best to hold it closed. The front door also shudders, one of the spikes flying loose. Again the demon lord demands them surrender; Halmary adamantly refuses to do so, the others consider it, even if only to buy a little time. The demons carry on slamming against the doors regardless. Another of the spikes flies free, and the inner door splinters along its side.

The Heroes decide to retreat as Xellos tells them he has a plan to escape. He hurries into the cage room and turns the stone to mud but sadly the rock is solid all the way down (missed the cavern below by several feet). Instead, he suggests that Calibos teleports out with Ungrid, back into the cave with the bones with the blue box that came out of. The former paladin-turned-dwarf does so, and both dwarves find themselves back in the forest, slightly off target. They manage to trace their steps back to the pit and climb back into the cavern, waiting by the blue box and hoping that the others return. Xellos then calls the others to him, and uses his own scroll of teleport to send Sidni and Halmary back to the cave; they arrive on target, moments before the two dwarves.

Xellos, left alone in the tower, finds demons smashing through the doors… but quickly d_imension doors_ away, appearing dozens of feet in the air; he immediately flies over to the cavern and joins the others.

And back at the tower the demons howl, enraged.

End of Session

Kills: 6 demon scouts, 1 demon soldier, 1 demon mage-hound, 1 demon blasphemous hound.

Session 178

Exiting the inside of the Mirror-entered dungeon, our Heroes find themselves in a junk filled cave strewn with hundreds of bones; which, naturally enough, raise as animated skeletons to attack the party: they are easily dispatched by Ungrid’s hurling hammer, Xellos’ swinging axe, Calibos’ cutting sword, and a lightning bolt from Sidni, followed by Halmary’s turn undead vaporising the rest. They climb up out of the cave, to find themselves in a forest at night, and the Shifting Tower visible through the trees. Also through the trees are the sounds of large creatures moving, and the lights of bonfires.

Sidni scouts ahead, spotting some sort of army camped outside the tower. Everyone makes their way through the trees under cover of darkness, and Xellos carries them over (by flying) the ring of stones, into the courtyard, but a creature (a demon!) spots them and the others are suddenly aware of them, and the demonic creatures start moving in!

The demons swarm in, through the gates that they barge open, and the heroes suddenly find themselves engaged in a fight for their lives. Ungrid hastes himself, as Xellos carries Halmary over the fence (the last one to be carried over, as loads of demons move decamp and head straight his way), and Sidni and Calibos engage the demons, cutting away demonic flesh. Ungrid gets injured in return, and then a fireball explodes in their midst, burning Ungrid and Calibos. Halmary utters a prayer, but finds himself unable to communicate with his goddess, as a strange demon hound moves close and cuts him off! Halmary instead activates his giant strength shield and wades into the fight, but finds himself beaten up as he struggles to cut down the hounds. Ungrid takes the first kill though, but avoids being struck by a lightning bolt from another snake-like demon from the doorway to the tower: that creature finds its demise as Xellos charges in and kills it. Another demonic hound gets close to Xellos, cutting off his arcane magic, but it doesn’t stop him cutting down a demon. Ungrid cleaves into another demon, felling it, and hurls his hammer at demonic floating eyeballs, taking out several of the monsters.

The gates show more demons advancing, and the Heroes decide to retreat, heading to the tower’s doorway, Sidni grabbing hold of Halmary to save him from the hounds, and Calibos cuts down another demon as everyone heads for the tower…

End of Session

Kills: 18 skeletons, 4 demon soldiers, 4 demon scouts, 1 executor demon.

The Way Back
Session 177

The Heroes search the ruins of the laboratory and manage to salvage a few potions. They continue to explore, heading back to the murky pool, wherein they are attacked by a flesh-eating ooze that is destroyed by Xellosburning hands and Halmary’s flame strike, before it even so much as lifts a pseudopod. They next find a calming room, with pristine white walls, but bypass that and find a disused bedroom that lies heavy with dust. As they begin to search the room, more of the shadowy Time Ghosts materialise and attach: they are easily defeated, Xellos, Ungrid and Calibos dealing death.

Finding nothing more, they retreat to the cloisters, searching for secret doors on the way, but find none. They head off once more after a brief respite, and next find themselves in a domed chamber, in the centre of which is a man shackled to the floor. He is unkempt, with a wild busy beard, and piercing, mad eyes. At first he just stares at the Heroes as thy cautiously enter, aiming towards to the other exit. Then he speaks to them, asking to be freed. No one believes he is not dangerous, so they leave him behind and he curses them as they exit and find themselves in a meadow, with a hill with fluttering butterflies dancing all around. Two gravestones lie nearby: one has a marker with the name of Corvin, the other with the name of Phildor. No one believes they are real.

The next room has strange machinery, some of the glyphs matching those in rooms they’ve visited. There is also a large window looking into a void where a blank hole sucks away the light. Sidni and Halmary are temporarily mesmerised, but are slapped to bring them back to their senses. The room also makes everyone feel weary and they leave feeling worse for wear. Back through the meadow they go, digging up the graves but finding nothing but brittle bones. They once more ignore the shackled man, head back to the console room and find nothing works; however, a glyph does match one in the black hole room, so back they go, once more ignoring the prisoner– who yells abuse at them– and manage to activate the glyph that matches the one in the console room. They head back again, taking a slight detour to check out another room: inside is a serpentine dragon, which Ungrid decides is best not to let it speak and hurls his hammer at it, badly wounding it, and allowing Xellos to fly in and cut it down before a word escapes its lips.

Back at the console room they find the panels all lit up, power ebbing into the machines. A lever looks interesting and pulling it opens the doors that lead outside: darkness lies beyond the doors, fresh air too.

They approach the doors…

End of Session

Kills: 5 Time Ghosts, 1 Drake, 1 Flesh-Eating Ooze.


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