Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Scenic Dunnsmouth
Session 114

After rowing down the river for most of the day, a dilapidated old wharf comes into view. Roald points to it, “That’s Dunnsmouth,” she tells them, and the party row up and tie off the boats, climbing up on the old wooden planks. It is twilight now, and a mist ebbs across the marsh. A boathouse stands near the banks of the river, a pathway of stepping stones and rotting rope leading deeper into the poor excuse for a village.

Sidni, invisible, scouts ahead. They meet Zillah, a young mostly toothless pretty young woman who agrees to look after their boats for a few silver; Calibos declines the offer of a kiss, and she seems rather disappointed. They head up past a sorry looking colonial-styled house, towards a church; Sidni heads off by herself, after spotting an old fort nearby. There she discovers an old soldier, all alone in an empty barracks. She– once visible– talks to him, discovering that he’d been there for years, even since the other soldiers went off to fight some enemy that he can’t remember the name of any more.

Meanwhile, while Xellos and Phildor keep watch outside, the others encounter Father Iwanopolous in the church: an untidy, probably unstable man, muttering something about spiders and cubes that glow in the night, and can’t get a lot of sense out of him. He does, however, allow them to use the church as a hostel.

Sidni returns to the others and reports back, they have a quite look around outside, and in the middle of the village see what looks like a glowing cube, floating in the air, the mists thicker around it. Sidni lobs stones and shoots an arrow at it, and all seem to slow down and then stop before they reach it. They decide to leave it alone, and retreat to the church. It must be night, but the village seems stuck in perpetual twilight. The strange Father retires, leaving the party to the church: they barricade the door, set guards, and Halmary leads the investigation of the catacombs below, which are quite ordinary; they block the trapdoor that leads down though, and Ungrid sleeps atop it.

In the morning they follow a faint trail leading out of the village, stopping at a grounded fishing boat that a potter now lives in. Erik von Kaus offers to sell them pottery, and gives them directions to the local sheriff (Mace) and Magda, who the Father said might know something of the mysterious cube. The party bid him farewell and head off back into the village, stopping by the sheriff’s (who isn’t in), and make their way up the sloping hill to the cottage and barn of Magda…

End of Session

No kills this week either. That’s two weeks of nothing but role-playing. The players are getting itchy for a fight :)

Bloodwater Bay
Session 113

14th Planting, 593 CY

In the early morning the party arrive at the dubiously named Bloodwater Bay, an out of the way hamlet overlooked by a nearby squat tower. Calibos realises that one of the treasure maps they own has a picture of a trident on it, matching the shape of the church and the rusting tridents planted in the pebbled beach.

The party enter the hamlet, talk to the locals in the Rusty Trident tavern, and chat to the local guide (a woman called Roald). They learn that the self-appointed Marsh King rules here, with an alliance with a tribe of lizardmen, and that anyone wanting to pass through his territory needs to go speak to him and get his permission. They decide to do so, but first investigate a statue made of gears and copper pipes in the clearing of a copse of trees. The statue can be pushed to reveal a shaft down, into a cavern where water flows. Sidni goes down to explore, invisible, and spies another person down there, a priest of the goddess of malice. She returns to the others, and they decide to leave it for now, and head off to talk to the Marsh King. The King is a rough fellow, a despot in the making, but they get a token of passage from him and also hire the local guide to take them to Dunnsmouth. They leave at dawn.

Hiring rowing boats and splitting the party between two– Roald, Sidni, Ungrid and Xellos in one boat, the others in the second– they head out into the river Dunn, rowing north towards the place known as Dunnsmouth…

End of Session

Kills: None. Pure role-playing all the way.

Goblin Dusk
Session 112

As the storm continues to rage, the battle draws to its conclusion…

…with the goblin shaman cancelling the very efficient haste spell, slowing down the final slaughter by maybe a few seconds; really, why he’d bother?

Sidni, actually out of range of the dispel magic and still hasted stabs another goblin to death, but misses a few others are the rain gets in her eyes and the mud under her feet. She takes a bop on the head from an ogre, but stands her ground, taking advantage of the spell to quaff a healing potion double-quick.

Phildor blasts a bunch of goblins and the last ogre (yep, there was one left after all) with a well-aimed cone of cold, then makes his way over to Halmary to check on him: with the aid of another useful healing potion, the cleric is discovered to be merely in shock and after a good night’s rest he’ll be fit as a fiddle.

Surrounded by dire wolves, Calibos proves virtually impossible to hit, and wounds the wolves and their goblin riders, slowly cutting them down. He switches his attention to the goblins first, killing them before he moves on to the enraged wolves.

Ungrid continues to smash his enemy with his hammer: goblins fall, the shaman is pulverised, the sub-chiefs are smashed to a pulp; then he turns on the wolves and helps the paladin take them out.

Then the goblin chief rides up and, somehow, manages to wound the dwarf! The chieftain laughs in the dwarf’s face, unaware that his army is all but gone. As they face off, Sidni and Calibos finish off the dire wolves and goblins, leaving none alive. The chieftain again wounds Ungrid, takes a hit in return, but still stands. The dwarf is now looking injured!

Then Calibos charges over and with a mighty swing of his warhammer, he crushes the chieftain’s skull, wiping the twisted smile from his face.

And then the last dire wolf, and indeed, the last enemy, falls to Sidni’s spear, and the storm breaks.

In the aftermath, after looting the goblins and the cave below– and getting some nice loot, including several magic items– the party with its wounded head back to the town, carrying Xellos with his broken spine. There they heal, carouse, brew potions and buy scrolls (or vice versa), and then head back out to the marshes after about a month has passed. This time their journey is without incidence, and they hike across the moors until they reach what looks like a small fishing village, dominated by a trident-shaped church, with a pebbled beach of rusty tridents that makes the water red as it flows past: the village that Calibos has been directed to, the village of Bloodwater Bay.

End of Session

Kills: 1 ogre, 34 goblins, 6 dire wolves.

The Party's Weakness: lots of small monsters!
Session 111

Outside, goblins and ogres press their attack on the small, ruined fort; inside, the black oozes slime their way across the stony courtyard.

From the well Xellos spots the advancing black ooze and lets loose with a flurry of fiery magic missiles that burn away more of the slime, and inside the fort Sidni and Phildor lob a mixture of burning oil and burning hands magic into the other, melting away more of it; both continue to advance, one tentacle lashing out and burning Sidni in turn.

At the crumbling walls, goblins scale the walls and start shooting arrows into the adventurers’ midst, wounding Medmyr with a grazing shot. Calibos slays an ogre by the gates, then finds himself surrounded by goblins and goblins on dire wolves; he cuts one down and finds his armour and shield more than enough to protect him from their pitiful swords and arrows.

An ogre clambers onto the wall, stabbing down with its spear, wounding Sidni, who drops her flaming oil and nearly ends up setting herself alight! Another stabs at Phildor, wounding the mage, but not before he has the chance to loose another burning hands, burning away more of the ooze; and outside Xellos ignores the ogres and goblins forcing their wall past the walls and destroys the ooze outside, his fire-based magic missiles destroying it utterly; this only provokes the goblins into a frenzy and they renew their attack.

Medmyr takes another wound, but then gets his own back by cutting down one after another, until five goblins lie dead at his feet. Calibos cleaves several more, leaving Halmary it back off as he slays the ogre facing him. Ungrid steps out into the courtyard, batters an ogre with his hammer, and looks at the mass of goblins still advancing on the fort and alerts the others with a mighty yell.

Xellos draws his axe and cuts down an ogre as it steps over the goblin corpses, then cleaves his mate. He, Ungrid and Halmary find themselves almost back-to-back, which is unfortunate, as an unseen goblin shaman calls lightning down upon them! In a blinding flash Xellos and Halmary collapse, smoke pouring off them as the rain pelts their bodies; Ungrid fares better, but his armour sparks and sizzles as he picks himself off the ground and looks around for an enemy to satisfy his wrath: the ogre he faced falls to his hammer, then another as the mighty Grontdrengi falls back to the dwarf’s hand and is released again.

Out in the rain, Calibos is attacked by a giant scorpion, but it fails to penetrate his armour and the paladin just stabs it in the face, killing it. He cuts down a nearby goblin too, then finds himself surrounded again, unable to get to his fallen friends. Sidni, meanwhile, manages to burn off the final pieces of the ooze, allowing Phildor to rush over to the fallen Xellos and throw a potion down his throat: this saves the Ruinguard’s life, but it turns out that the bolt of lightning has damaged his spine and the fighter-mage is paralysed from the neck down!

More goblins loose arrows, which find their mark with Medmyr and Phildor. The henchman drinks a potion, refreshing himself, and the mage pulls out his_ wand of cold_ and freezes seven goblins. Not to be outdone, Ungrid hurls his hammer, and it smashes through eight more, pulverising them; and Sidni shrugs and cuts down another four… but still more come at them out of the rain!

Goblins attack and the still-standing party members fight back: wounds are taken, goblins are slain and the last of the ogres smashed; Phildor hastes them and then goes invisible, and then Medmyr is taken out by an arrow to the knee. Sidni takes a few hits, but she twirls and stabs with her spear, killing goblin after goblin after goblin, and Ungrid hammers even more of the pesky humanoids; while Calibos exchanges blows with the goblins and dire wolves still surrounding him, shrugging off more blows than he deals out.

Phildor reaches Medmyr and pours a potion down his throat: luckily the henchman is only in shock, but for now he is out of the fight. Unfortunately, no one can get to Halmary, goblins are in the way, and his fate is still unknown.

Ungrid, now hasted, goes on a frenzy, slaying 13 goblins in a whirlwind of death and…

End of Session

Kills: 1 giant scorpion, 2 black puddings, 6 ogres, 59 goblins, x dire wolves.

KO’d: Xellos (broken spine), Medmyr (in shock), Halmary (fate unknown).

Goblin Dawn
Session 110

14th Coldeven, 593 CY

Heading to the marshland known as the Rushmoors, following from the letter from the Duke and the vision of Halmary, the adventurers find themselves crossing a deep gully as night falls; and as twilight sets in, the dark clouds overhead burst, pouring rain down upon the trekking adventurers. A storm hits, and they look for shelter… and it just so happens that a small ruined fort lies ahead, on the slop of the gully.

They take shelter amongst the crumbling walls, and spot a dark staircase leading down. Sidni, Medmyr and Ungrid descend to investigate, leaving the others to set up camp; as they disappear below, Xellos and Phildor hear the howl of wolves nearby.

Below the fort is a small cellar, and a passage into a cavern, where a pool of water laps the limestone floor. A pile of what looks like treasure rests along the back wall, enticing them inside. No sooner have the three explorers moved closer, the pool bubbles and froths and a black ooze of tar-like goo plops out of the water and whacks Ungrid, knocking him back and searing his armour with its acidic touch. Medmyr stabs at it with his spear, and the tip melts away! Ungrid and Medmyr withdraw, as does Sidni after she also makes a stab at it– with no effect– and takes a blow from its pseudo-pod.

Meanwhile, outside, the others detect movement in the pouring rain and a flash of lightning reveals several ogres, and maybe a few goblins, sneaking up to the fort to attack. Arrows fly overhead, and by sheer luck one of them pierces Halmary’s side. Ogres reach the battered gates, but the lead monster is savagely cut down by Xellos’ axe and Halmary’s mace. One, surprisingly, manages to wound Xellos with a large spear, and as they fight, Phildor dons himself with infravision and sees more ogres and goblins advancing.

Below ground, Medmyr and Ungrid race upstairs, shouting for Sidni to follow, unaware of the battle above. Sidni decides to let loose with a lightning bolt from her shield, but this only serves to split the ooze in two!

Back outside, Xellos slays the ogre who struck him, draining its life-force to heal himself, and Cailbos and an ogre exchange blows; Halmary incinerates a few ogres with a well-placed flame strike, and Phildor increasing his potency with some necromantic magic; and Ungrid, Medmyr and finally Sidni hurry upstairs, right into the fray: Ungrid slays an ogre with his hammer, and moves into the battle.

From the stairs one of the oozes crawls up, charred by a burning hands from Phildor, who has Sidni’s protection and who readies a cocktail of military oil to chuck at it; the other ooze slimes its way out of the well, into the fort’s tiny courtyard.

And the goblins and their ogre allies continue to advance…

End of Session

Kills: 5 ogres.

End of the Catacombs
Session 109

After tending to the injured and checking the re-dead corpses for loot (there is none), the party explore further down the passage and loot an iron chest full of silver coins and an urn of gems. Then they assemble outside the barred wooden door and draw back the bolt, swiftly entering in force.

The two sarcophagi burst open and a pair of mummies struggle out and attack: both are quickly cut down, after Halmary turns one of them, and the two paladins hack them to pieces with help from the others. The chests and other items of value are looted–filling one of their bags of holding– and they move on to the final room.

This barred bronze door is opened and inside is a black marble sarcophagus, which Calibos and Medmyr surround; the others assemble nearby. As the two warriors get ready to push the lid off, it is flung open, smacking Medmyr in the face, to reveal a deathly knight wielding a wicked looking two-handed sword that cuts the paladin; Medmyr then finds it all a bit too much and cowers, terrified, in the corner.

Battle is joined, and the death knight proves a bit more dangerous than the mummies: Phildor hastes the party, but the death knight promptly dispels it; it’s sword allows it to retaliate each time it is hit, and it appears immune to both Halmary’s turn undead as well as Phildor’s magic missiles. Ungrid and Calibos wound it, but the fighters are wounded in turn, prompting Halmary to lay on hands to heal Calibos; Sidni fares better, as her spear manages to wound it, and the death knight can’t reach far enough to hit her back.

Xellos lands the killing blow with his axe, and the treasure is stuffed into Halmary’s bag of holding_. They return to the central chamber, opening the remaining two tombs: the first is full of green slime that engulfs Halmary, which is destroyed by fire from Sidni dousing both with oil and Xellos blasting it with his fiery magic missiles_. Thankfully Halmary suffered minor burns and his armour was intact.

The last tomb holds a putrefying corpse, inhabited by a carrion stalker, which fails to do much damage. Phildor uses levitation to lift off the lid, allowing Sidni and Halmary to chuck oil inside, setting it alight, while Ungrid finishes it off with his hammer hurled into the midst.

There is nothing left to loot, here or in the catacombs, so the party head back out into the hills. They hike back to civilisation, into the Kingdom of Keoland, and find a suitable town to spend their gold, rest, and plan their next move.

14th Coldeven, 593 CY

Just over six weeks later the intrepid adventurers find themselves heading to the marshland known as the Rushmoors, a few days travel from the town. There they look to track down the vampire lord that Calibos has been looking for, and their first point of call is the fishing village of Bloodwater Bay.

They also have a letter from the Duke, with some notes to guide them:

_My dear Calibos,

I have learnt that the vampire who cost you so much has a name: Kyros, once a great warrior who commanded legions under the rule of Vecna, the demi-god of ages past. It is known that he fell in battle centuries ago, but was given new life as the living dead by agencies unknow.

We now know that Kyros has a castle that lies deep within the marshes of the Rushmoors, several miles north of a village called Dunnsmouth; which lies along the river Dunn, a tributary off the Javan river that borders the marshland. Almahid has been given directions to a village on the border of the marshes, a small fishing settlement that goes by the dubious name of Bloodwater Bay. You should be able to find a guide there who can direct or take you to the village, and from there you should be able to find your way to the castle of Kyros.

We have also learnt that the artifacts of the long-dead paladin Kharas have been stolen from their resting place, possibly by minions or allies of Kyros. One of the thieves (sadly a lackey with no knowledge of who he was working for), under interrogation, told our torturer that they were taking the goods to Dunnsmouth, which makes us believe that their eventual destination is indeed the resting place of Kyros.

Proceed with caution, my friend. This reeks of trouble and I suspect a trap has been set for you.


Duke Owen I of Geoff._

Halmary also has had a vision from his goddess:

_A temple sits atop a finger of land amidst the moors, with priests praying in the wide chamber at its heart. A statue of the goddess watches over them, a mask on her face, radiating light and holiness. Then a shadow falls over the temple, and a black serpent slithers into the temple, bringing a flood of stagnant water with it. The statue points at the serpent and a voice demands that it be destroyed and removed from the temple.

The vision changes, with the temple now sunken into the marsh, dead trees surrounding it, with something lurking just out of sight. A partially submerged trail leads away and the vision swiftly follows it, until it reaches a village in the marsh, where a giant spider sits atop a church, watching the pale villages trudge through the marshy ground between dilapidated houses._

And, finally, they have three treasure maps to follow; if only they can decipher them.

End of Session

Kills: 2 mummies, 1 death knight, 1 carrion stalker, 1 green slime.

Level-Up: Medmyr is now a level 5 fighter.

Battle on the Bridge
Session 108

The party approach the cracked, arching bridge having had a bit of a breather after slaying the beholder in a bell jar. Sidni, invisible, has a rope tied around her waist and she crawls over the bridge, looking over the edge as she does so: the chasm below plummets beyond their light. Halmary holds the rope on the other side, after wrapping it round the stanchion supporting the bridge. Calibos detects evil, and sure enough, the area reeks of it; but whether they means something is lurking nearby, or it is the fallout from the evil chalice they recovered, they can’t tell.

Sidni reaches the other side and secures the rope, and Halmary crosses over without incident, using the rope as a guide. On the opposite side is a chamber, passages leading off, three black mausoleum tombs occupying the room (all stone doors, one bolted shut on the outside). Halmary waves the others over, and Phildor conjures up a floating disc and Calibos climbs on it; they start across the bridge…

…and from under the bridge four gargoyles fly forth, attacking with claws and teeth and razor-sharp horns!

Halmary distracts one by lobbing a stone at its head and banging his mace against his shield, and Sidni follows that with a magic arrow that cuts into its stoney hide. Calibos swings at a diving gargoyle, cutting it deep; but the impact knocks him off the disc, and the paladin falls off the bridge! He drops his shield and manages to grab hold of the edge with his free hand, but is left dangling over the chasm.

Medmyr slays the party’s first gargoyle, shattering it with a swing of his axe as he hurries onto the bridge to swipe at his mentor’s attacker. Another basically explodes as Xellos blasts it with fiery magic missiles and the third is charred by a flurry of similar projectiles from Phildor. The other one attacks Halmary, clawing his flesh, but the cleric and Sidni attack and destroy it, as Calibos hauls himself on to the bridge and catches the last gargoyle with a sweeping blow that decapitates it and sends it spiralling into the blackness below.

The cross the bridge in safety and find a pile of treasure behind the tombs. Passages lead off, with alcoves holding more sarcophagi, older than the ones in the other catacombs. Halmary casts find traps and identify’s one behind one of the tomb doors, but doesn’t go far enough down one passage, leaving it to Sidni to trigger a flame-breathing dragon statue that burns her hair and blisters her skin. Ungrid uses his hammer to destroy it.

Calibos and Almahid gather around one of the sarcophagi, the rest of the party spreading out and moving into guard positions, and then the paladins push the coffin open: wraiths and zombie-like corpses are awakened, forcing their way out of the sarcophagi and attacking en masse the party.

The fight is over fairly quickly, even when the party find themselves being attacked from both sides. Halmary turns some, Sidni, Ungrid, Xellos, Alhamid and Medmyr slay the wraiths; the other undead are burned by Halmary’s flame strike, Calibos’ sword, and Sidni’s spear. Then the others help out, and Xellos, Halmary and Ungrid land the killing blows, leaving the chambers strewn with the undead bodies. During the fight the trapped tomb door is yanked open, revealing a crossbow that wounds Medmyr, and Ungrid and Almahid are both drained of strength and stamina, but beyond a few scratches, the party find the battle relatively easy and the way clear to investigate the two remaining tombs and a pair of bronze doors, both bolted on the outside.

End of Session

Kills: 4 gargoyles, 4 war wraiths, 6 crypt servants.

Beholders Are Wimps
Session 107

Following the underground river, the party leave the catacombs behind and enter a cave dominated by a large pool of water with streams running off.

There is movement in the water as the lead fighters get close to the deeper water, and black tendrils of ooze lash out of the water, but are cut off before they can grapple anyone. Phildor lets loose with a fireball with no effect, just a burst of steam that reduces their vision for a short while. They skirt the walls then, keeping away from the water and reach the ‘beach’, which turns out to be sand of gold powder. As they step onto the beach, a tendril lashes out and grabs Almahid’s leg, but before it can drag him in, Calibos cuts it away.

They start exploring, finding a cave full of bones, tunnels leading off, and Sidni, invisible spies an old bridge arcing over a chasm. She stands there on watch as the others move deeper into the caves, and Calibos sees a pile of treasure and goes to investigate, falls down a put, and the rest of the party are promptly attacked by a trio of aquatic trolls armed with barbed spears.

Phildor tries, and fails, to levitate a troll, while Almahid drops down a rope to help Calibos climb out; leaving the trolls for Ungrid, Xellos and the others. One falls, taken out by Ungrid’s hammer, and Halmary steps in and sets it alight. Phildor is wounded by a spear, then gets his own back by confusing two of the enemy, leaving them open to slaughter and setting on fire. With the trolls dead and Calibos hauled out of the pit, they loot what treasure they find (including a couple of magic swords), and decide to make camp since they are all out of spells and need some healing and rest.

The ‘night’ passes uneventfully, and in the morning with everyone more or less fully healed and refreshed, they carry on exploring. The next cave holds a giant bell jar full of a blue mist; inside it is a beholder, seemingly asleep. A lever sticks out of a wooden panel in front of the jar, and chests of treasure can be seen inside.

Surrounding the bell jar, spells and weapons at the ready, Almahid blesses them, Phildor hastes them, and Halmary casts striking on Ungrid’s already powerful hammer. Then Calibos pulls the lever, shattering the bell jar and awakening the beholder!

A beholder that is swiftly cut down in a fraction of a round. Even with Sidni’s failed lightning bolt due to the Eye Tyrant’s anti-magic ray. the monster is slain as a hasted Ungrid, Calibos and Almahid slay it.

So much for powerful monsters.

They loot the treasure, putting it in their almost full bags of holding, and head further into the caves.

End of Session

Kills: 3 water trolls, 1 beholder.

Levelled Up: Medmyr (now a level 4 fighter), and Calibos (now a level 7 paladin).

When Piranhas Attack
Session 106

The party of tomb-robbers continue to explore and loot the catacombs: they open sarcophagi and caskets, unearthing bones, ashes, corpses; a ghoul is cut down, Calibos smashes a skeleton that, surprisingly, wounds Sidni, and Ungrid pulverises a wight.

Investigating the natural tunnels, they are ambushed by several sword wraiths, which attract a couple of wights, another wraith and a lone skeleton: one of the sword wraiths drains some of Almahid’s Strength, the wraith is blasted to nonexistence by magic missiles from Xellos, and then helps Medmyr take out the wights and skeleton. The sword wraiths are taken out over a lengthy battle, with only Sidni suffering more of the draining Strength.

The tunnels lead to an underground river, waist-deep on Ungrid, knee-deep on everyone else. Sidni wades in, and sees that the river turns a bend and opens into a larger cavern; she is also attacked by killer piranhas, which are skewered and bashed by Sidni and Halmary; but Ungrid proves to be a fish-killer by hurling his magic hammer into the water and clobbering the other piranhas.

They regroup, and start to wade through the water towards the larger cavern beyond…

End of Session

Kills: 5 piranhas, 4 sword wraiths, 3 wights, 2 skeletons, 1 wraith, and a ghoul.

First Level Drain
Session 105

Standing around the altar, Xellos picks up the blood-stained chalice and puts it in his pack. Almost as soon as he has done that, Sidni spies another wraith heading down the tunnel behind them: this one looks similar to the facsimile of the princess on the tomb they looted, the very same one that held the tiara that Sidni now wears.

Wraiths are easy though, and this one is quickly dispatched by a mixture of Sidni’s magic spear, Werebane, Halmary’s spiritual hammer, and a blaze of magic missiles let loose by Xellos.

The party continue down the tunnels of the catacombs, opening sarcophagi, breaking the seals on urns and caskets, and generally looting whatever they can find. Along the way they smash some skeletons, dispatch wraiths, kill a surprised ghoul, wipe out a wight, find and take a magic warhammer called, they think, Giant-Slayer, and find another chasm and cave fissure caused by a collapsed tunnel.

Amongst this, they found themselves surrounded by five wraiths. Thankfully, sort of, Sidni used her magic shield to evoke a l_ightning bolt_ that rebounded off the walls and ended up not only hitting the wraiths– although it did wound and even slay three of them– but all of the party except Xellos, who just happened to be standing off to one side. This single stroke ended up injuring them all more than they had been wounded for ages. It gets worse though, as before the wraiths were destroyed, Halmary was actually hit and drained a level! And he was so close to going up to ninth level too…

The second encounter of note was the chasm: Sidni climbed down amongst the rubble, spotted some gems and gold, and triggered an explosion of yellow mould spores: she fell down, gasping for breath. Thankfully, Halmary had a neutralise poison potion that saved her life, and administrated it whilst Xellos burnt the mould away.

End of Session

Kills: 4 skeletons, 1 ghoul, 2 wights, 1 yellow mould, 8 wraiths.

Losses: Halmary lost a level (from 8th to 7th).


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