Against the Giants:

the Rebuilding of the Duchy of Geoff

Greyhawk, CY 593

Campaign Update

After two years of battling giants and their evil allies, the Duchy of Geoff has been liberated and the heroes have been granted land and, once their strongholds have been established, titles and the right to rule small domains as the country rebuilds.

There are still giants about, mostly holding out in the surrounding mountains, and the elves of the Dim Wood are still exiled from their capital due to the shadowy dragon that now lairs there, but the worse is over.

Now the party of bold adventurers is on a quest to hunt and destroy a cabal of vampires, hidden somewhere in the Rushmoors; their cleric has had a vision of a fallen temple of his goddess; and there are several treasure maps that are worth investigating.

Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

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