Against the Giants:
the Liberation of Geoff

Greyhawk, CY 591

Players Introduction

You are members of the newly forged resistance force that is based in the occupied settlement of Tika Town, located in the giant-infested lands of Geoff. You have all been trained or recruited by a ranger called Hochtritt, who fought in the wars when the giants first invaded. He was wounded but found shelter in the town, and the townsfolk tended to his injuries. He stayed, and over the years has taught the next generation of adventurers how to fight, and how to survive.

Hoch, as he is generally known, has been smuggling weapons, people and goods in and out of the occupied land for years, and has recently decided to pass on the responsibility for this operation to you, his pupils; meanwhile, he is scouting out the area looking for resources to use against the giants and their minions, and spying on the enemy.

Underneath his cottage, accessed by a hidden trapdoor in the room where he keeps his loom, he has built a safe-house and training room, which has tunnels leading out of town. This is where you have spent the past few years, on and off, being trained, meeting others, and learning about the world outside. You have rarely ventured further than the farms dotted around the town, save for the occasional hunting trip or to deliver goods to the mines.

This is all about to change. For Hoch has decided that it is time that you took back your town, your land, and threw the giants out of the realm. It will be a slow start, but as the years pass by and you gain more experience, you fully believe that you will build up such a momentum that the giants will be trampled underfoot and finally defeated.

It is the year 591, and it is time to take back your homeland!

The Safe-House

Gallows cross map

Beneath the home of Hochtritt, with his loom/tailor shop on the ground floor, is the safe-house of the growing resistance. Accessed by a hidden trapdoor in the cellar (full of rolls of cloth), the base consists of a domed training room, a small shrine to Johydee, and a curtained off room used by Hoch as an office. An iron grate leads to stairs leading down to a flooded chamber, that has an other grate opening into the well. A further tunnel leads from above the altar of the shrine, to another entrance to the well.

The base can be used to store treasure and goods in safety, and is only known to Hoch and the PCs. Hoch has three of each type of healing herb, but they are difficult to find, and he uses them only as necessary. There is also two Potions of Healing in a locked chest in the office, used only in emergencies.

Hoch is often here during the evening (75%), otherwise is in his home. During the day he is working in his shop, except for the last hour of daylight when he visits the tavern to get the latest gossip.

Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

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