Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

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Session 89

Sidni retreats into the cave as the sniffing trolls follow her scent. She alerts the others, including a reincarnated Phildor (new face, stronger body, but otherwise unchanged), and a restored Halmary (albeit needing a couple of weeks to recover from the traumatic ordeal of his arms reconstructing).

Ungrid, Xellos and Phildor race to the crossroads to join Sidni, and engage the trolls as they foolishly pile into the cave: the giant humanoids quickly meet their death by flying hammer, swinging axe, stabbing spear, torches and fiery magic missiles. There’s some decent loot too, gold and gems, and a pair of magic swords that are carried back to the camp.

Over the next couple of weeks, long enough for both Corvin (still missing an arm) and Halmary to recover, Sidni sits on watch during the game, and Phildor conjures up some halluncionary terrain to cover the cave throughout the night. The explorer spies giants, fire and frost, heading towards the Steading, along with a gang of ogres. Thankfully none of the monstrous creatures spot the cave entrance or sniff the air.

The party decide to cut their losses and head out of the mountains, hiking down into Sterich and towards the nearest city. There they send word to the Duke of Geoff, telling him all about the Steading and what they found there, but adding that they are in no position to offer further help at the moment; they also avoid mentioning where they are.

Halmary now attempts to restore Corvin’s missing arm, but the spell doesn’t quite go as planned: Corvin now has the arm of a griffon, claw and all. He also is bed-ridden for a month as he recovers and gets used to the new arm, leaving the rest to carouse and spend their gold, and make plans to find new adventure, new treasure, and a better means of earning experience than fighting giants…

…so they decide to go hunt a dragon.

Halmary prays to his deity and receives a riddle by divination:

Follow the path of ancient lore,

Where the Sleeping Princesses wait by the great stone door,
There an old man stands,
The key to the door in the palm of his hand.
Inside the hall lies a dragon curled tight,
His scales as bright as a deep blue light,
He sleeps all night and hunts all day,
Tearing the flesh of those he will slay.

Asking around the city they learn that there is a place in the mountains, which might be where the riddle points them to…

End of Session

Kills: 5 trolls.


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