Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Charred Adventurers

Session 75

Outside the dragon’s cavern, plans are made: Ordoreth hastes almost everyone (except Phildor, Xellos, and himself), Xellos summons a mighty earth elemental and Ordoreth calls forth a Hell Hound too. Halmary blesses everyone, and throws a light and silence spell on the elemental. They send it in first, and follow behind it.

The apes spy it first, howling out a warning before it reaches the main cavern: the ape is swiftly silence by a poisoned arrow from Corvin’s magic bow. He spots another, and kills that one too, as the rest of the apes scurry from the darkness and attack, wounding both Mim and Phildor. Sidni saves the magic-user as she spears the ape, and the hell hound blasts another with its fiery breath, incinerating it; another three then fall to a succession of arrows from Corvin, ending that threat.

Then from the darkness where the dragon lurks, a fireball flies out and explodes in the party’s midst: it strike Halmary, Corvin and Elgir, and all three are blasted with deadly flames: they all fall down!

Ordoreth rushes to his employer’s side, and determines that Corvin is dying from massive burns; his legs are twisted under him as well, and even if he survives, he’ll be lame until some powerful magic restores the use of his legs. Meanwhile, the rest of the untouched party move in on the dragon, and despite a couple of strikes against Mim with its claws, the dragon proves an easy kill in the end: the combined might of the powerful earth elemental (16HD!) and Mim’s sword wound it badly enough for Ungrid to smack it upside the head, breaking its neck, shattering its skull and sending teeth, scales and gore flying.

The dragon falls down, well and truly dead.

The fallen adventurers are swiftly tended to, and although for a moment it seems that Halmary and Corvin are lost, some healing magic and the power of Halmary’s plate mail of immortality save their lives, but at a cost:

  • Corvin, grievously wounded, lame, needs two weeks to recover;
  • Elgir, critically wounded, lost his left eye, needs a week to recover;
  • Halmary, mortally wounded and would have dies if not for his armour, lost the use of both legs– charred sticks– and needs a month to recover.

On top of that, several of their magic items (including Halmary’s armour and Corvin lovely Heartseeker bow) are destroyed.

They do, however, loot a dragon’s hoard and thanks to the still intact bag of holding they manage to take it all. They’re rich, again, if they can survive long enough to escape back to the city. It’ll take eight hours to get back…

End of Session

Kills: 5 white apes, 1 mature adult red dragon.

KO’d: Elgir, Corvin, and Halmary.


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