Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Death to Dark Elves

Session 70

…the battle continues…

Another poisoned arrow is let loose from Corvin’s Heartseeker bow, impaling a giant spider and killing it instantly; Xellos slices through the armour and flesh of a dark elf who manages to stab him back, and Mim stabs the other; Halmary clubs the puppet over the head, but the man keeps standing, the spider on his back pumping him full of adrenaline.

Proving handy with bow, albeit with poisoned arrows, Corvin takes aim at the hill giant that emerges from the chamber ahead, and kills it; Sidni slays her first dark elf with a thrust of her spear; and Halmary and the puppet exchange blows; the other dark elf staggers to his knees as Mim stabs him through the chest. Then, from somewhere in the shadows, a prayer in a strange form of elvish is uttered, and from cracks and fissures, dozens of spiders swarm out into the rooms where the dark elves are fighting, biting and scuttling under the heroes armour, Mim especially being bit multiple times.

Corvin kills the puppet with another poisoned arrow, no doubt feeling smug. The parasitic spider drops off, and a roar from Xellos makes it hesitate long enough for Halmary to bash it, and for Elgir to step up and finish it off. The last parasitic spider creeps up into the swarms– which are being splattered by the other heroes, even Ungrid hurling his hammer into their midst– but is quickly squashed by Mim. From the chambers ahead another hill giant– the last in here, as it happens– walks out and smashes a jar of green slime on Elgir’s chest, which immediately begins to eat through his armour. The fighter backs off, cutting the straps of his plate mail and tearing it off before the slime gets to his flesh. The giant is quickly taken down, first injured by Corvin and Sidni, then slain by a flurry of Phildor’s magic missiles. The others, meanwhile, stamp on the last spiders from the swarm, and as they head to join the others, everyone gets a nasty surprise as a burst of unholy fire flame strikes them: and in the confusion, ghouls charge out of the darkness and attack, but are quickly cut down; then, zombies stumble out, but these too are quickly wiped out, partly thanks to a timely turn undead from Halmary that incinerates several of them.

They spot a dark elf woman on the edge of the light, and rush to deal with her: Sidni walks into a pair of glyphs of warding and is shocked into momentary unconsciousness– thankfully she was only stunned and recovers shortly afterwards with some pretty decent scars– and the dark elf priestess, before she can turn her deadly spells on the party is confused by Phildor, then quickly slaughtered by Ungrid and Mim.

They loot the body, recover the loot from the chamber where the hill giants were, and continue to explore the catacombs.

End of Session

Kills: 1 giant spider, 2 parasitic spiders, 3 spider swarms, 2 dark elf warriors, 1 dark elf priestess, 2 hill giants, 3 ghouls, 8 zombies.

KO’d: Sidni (recovered, only stunned, with scars that reduce her initiative by 1).


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