Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Everyone Else

Session 204 (b)

At the nomads’ camp, Sindi observes the nomads set guards as the boats come in. She reports back to the others and they make a plan: with Xellos, Calibos and Sindi invisible and everyone else reduced to 6 inches tall with potions of diminution they sneak back to the camp, steal a couple of boats, and as the nomads react, Xellos uses his wand of illusion to cause a distraction amongst the tents (attacks by shadowy monsters), allowing the party to escape without much fuss.

They sail and row out into the darkness, tying the boats together and taking turns sleeping as they take several hours to cross the lake. Around mid-morning the next day they reach the opposite shore and disembark. Sindi levitates up high, but can’t see any sign of Halmary. They make camp, lighting a fire in case the cleric is able to see it. They spend time discussing and discarding options (such as searching the entire lake), but eventually settle on heading to the mountains and the place where the nomads said there was a tunnel; hoping that Halmary also remembers the tale. To help them decide, Xellos Contacts Other Planes and manages to get some ‘yes’ answers to the following questions: (1) is Halmary alive, (2) is he at liberty, and (3) is he making his way to the mountains.

They head off into the dunes, straight east, Sindi managing to more or less keep them on track. A dust-storm slows them down for a few hours, but thanks to Xellos and his Wall of Stone, no one suffers. After several days they enter the foothills of the mountains and make camp, lighting a fire to keep warm and drive the wildlife way. While the others settle down to sleep, Sindi turns herself invisible and scouts ahead. She finds a wood higher up the slope, a few miles east, and decides to set a tree on fire, hoping that it will act as a beacon for Halmary if he is heading the same direction. Then she heads back to the others.

Sindi arrives just as half-a-dozen ankhegs burst from the earth!

She alerts the others with a well-aimed lightning bolt, wounding two of the creatures, and allowing Ungrid to smash one to pieces with his hammer. But it is too late to help Illinoss, the last gnoll, and Dara, all of whom are grabbed and pulled below the ground by one of the monsters. Calibos too is grabbed, but Ungrid manages to reach him before he is pulled under, and crushes the monster’s head. The rest of the monsters retreat, burrowing under the ground and taking their meals with them.

Of all the allies they helped escape from the prison, now only Wulsted remains.

The set guards and settle down for the night, keeping an eye on the darkness and the ground.

End of Session

Kills: 2 ankhegs.

Losses: Illinoss, Dara, and a gnoll.


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