Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Giants, Spiders, and Drow, Oh My!

Session 69

While the party (tentatively calling themselves the Liberators) rest, shop and catch up on the latest gossip, the Duke requests an audience and asks for their help. There was a recent assassination attempt on his life, and this was in the wake of several attacks on his general, captains and other leaders of his army. Some died, others managed to fight off their foes. All were attacked by masked figures that turned out to be men with some kind of parasitic spider attached to the back of their necks. The Duke’s men have tracked down the lair of the attackers: a hidden entrance in the grave yard. He wants the party to go in and find the people responsible and put a stop to them. He expects they have a link to the giants, and that if they are not stopped, more attacks will come.

Happy to help, the Liberators (which is what we’ll call them, unless they decide on a new name later) head down to the graveyard and find a stairwell leading down into some old catacombs. With the dwarves leading the way, torches lit, they come out into a corridor with a deep chasm to their right, spanned by an intact bridge and a collapsed one. Immediately, arrows fly across the chasm as animated skeletons shoot at Mim: several are quickly blasted to dust as Halmary holds forth his holy symbol and sends a wave of divine might into the undead. Ungrid follows up with Grontdrengi smashing another skeleton to fragments. Halmary finds a stone doorway and shove it aside, revealing a chamber with several drugged townsfolk unconscious with two cat-sized spiders– identical to the ones that were attached to the backs of the assassins– in glass bell jars. He enters, hoping to drag the bodies to safety, and as the rest of the adventurers filter through into the passageway, zombies stumble out of the adjoining passages, more arrows fly from unseen assailants across the chasm and suddenly fighting is breaking out all over the place.

Xellos hacks a zombie apart, and Sidni charges into their midst, with Mim following his lead. Meanwhile, Ungrid and Halmary attack the spiders in the jars: one goes splat as Ungrid’s powerful hammer squashes it, and Halmary takes off a few legs with his own swing. Out of one passage comes a man, masked and armoured, with a spider attached to his back. Another fires arrows from across the chasm, and Corvin returns fire, while Xellos attacks the other and manages to knock him out; the attached spider falls off, and rears up to attack. Meanwhile, zombies are dropping and losing limbs as Sidni, Mim and Corvin take several out: in fact, Mim takes four out by himself, in a flurry of blows. The wounded spider, and the one that fell off, are squashed by a combination of Ungrid’s hammer, Halmary’s mace, and a flurry of Magic Missiles fired off by Phildor. Elgir chucks his torch across the chasm, lighting up the area.

Sidni rushes across the bridge, avoiding arrows trying to knock him off. Elgir and Mim move deeper into the catacombs, looking for zombies to kill. Mim skids to a stop as a jar full of Green Slime lands by his feet, narrowly missing him. The dwarf spots a hill giant in the corridor above, readying a rock to throw. He can’t do anything about it though, as a zombie stumbles out of the darkness and takes a swing at him. Another spider-controlled man– Puppets, as we call them– charges into the melee, but is killed by Ungrid with a mighty swing. Then Ungrid gets a surprise as a Dark Elf appears before him, casting a spell; which sadly– for the drow– backfires and almost Chokes the dark elf instead, much to his surprise. Then another drow materialises as it attacks Xellos, its poisoned blade sliding between the plates of his armour; but thankfully the armour is a recent enchantment and Xellos is immune to the deadly poison!

Ungrid turns on the dark elf, who stumbles under his attack, and staggers as Phildor pelts him with magic missiles.

A rock flies through the air as the hill giant hurls a rock at Elgir, who shrugs it off in time to attend to a sword-swinging Puppet, who he cuts down and manages to cleave into the spider as it drops, chopping it in half.

The dark elf fighting Xellos blasts him with his own magic missiles, and follows it up with a slash across his chest. The other dark elf falls to Ungrid’s hammer, after a timely arrow from Corvin wounds it. Halmary lends a hand by flame striking the remaining skeletal archer and a giant spider that scurries across the ceiling, both incinerated instantly. Two more spiders, two Puppets, and the other dark elf are then slain as Phildor conjures forth the Earth’s Teeth.

For a moment all is quiet, a brief pause, and then…

End of Session

Kills: 7 skeletons, 10 zombies, 1 giant spiders, 7 parasitic spiders, 4 puppets, 2 dark elves.


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