Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Goblin Hill

Session 134

The heroes move into an old, mouldy, damp library. The shelves are sagging under the weight of ruined books. On a stone lectern in the middle of the room is a more intact book of dwarven prayers (essentially a book of divine scrolls), which Halmary appropriates. Following the passage out the heroes come to another room with walls and ceilings covered in slime. A large pair of battered bronze doors stand slightly ajar, the hinges pulling loose with the cracked stone around them. Something lies beyond the doors, a faint sound of whispers and slurping noises. Sidni burns away some of the slime and narrowly avoids a green slime landing on her head.

Ungrid then decides to go in, and using his hammer, pummels the door open. The doors fall down under his onslaught, revealing a chamber with a floor of slime, with a monster the likes of which they have never seen before: a mass of slimy flesh, full of eyes and mouths. As soon as the doors fall open, those mouths begin to gibber and babble madly: Ungrid is terrified and turns and runs, while Halmary suddenly sees enemies everywhere and grabs his mace, ready to bash the first one that comes close. Then the monster spits a globule of sparkling goo that explodes as it hits the floor: a blinding flash illuminates the room; Halmary is blinded, but everyone else averts their eyes in time.

Halmary prayers to his goddess and his eyes clear. Sidni clicks her heels and is hasted, and runs into the room, thrusting with Biter, the spear digging deep into the monster’s fleshy mass. It continues to babble, biting Sidni and Calibos as the paladin moves in to help: he swings his sword, cutting deep enough to reach its heart, and slays it. The madness and fear it induced fade, and the party gather, tend to their wounds, and search the place for loot. They find nothing, nor any secret doors using the wand they have. They finish clearing the dungeon by investigating the cavern of mushrooms, slicing apart the shrieking ones that howl as they enter; and destroying the ooze that comes out of the party.

With the dungeon cleared and the source of the blight removed, the heroes head back to Pest’s Crossing and spend a couple of days relaxing. Halmary enjoys himself too much, accidentally setting fire to the inn, the same one that Sidni decides to graffiti. Calibos finds himself waking up next to her in the morning, and as neither knows what happened, they speak no more about it. Ungrid, in a drunken stupor and possibly due to misjudged gambling, finds them he has lost his magic plate armour and can’t find it anywhere.

After recovering from their hang-overs, they head off to Goblin Hill, where some giants have holed up. No sneaking this time, the heroes confidently wade into the caves after Halmary blesses them. Xellos kills a goblin straight away, and Ungrid wounds a hill giant so that Calibos can finish it off, then cleave into a couple of rather surprised goblins that barely have time to widen their eyes. Across from them, in the other cave, Sidni wounds a hill giant, and a couple of goblins race up and somehow manage to find the weak spots in Ungrid’s armour and actually wound him!

Then a rather large fire giant ducks under an arch and walks in, throwing a stone at Xellos, then pulling out his sword and cutting him badly. Xellos decides the other giant is a better target, killing it and draining its life force to heal himself; Ungrid and Calibos take out some more poor, pitiful goblins; Sidni kills a couple himself; and then Halmary simply points at the fire giant, utters a quick prayer, and the giant promptly falls down dead!

They loot the caves, kick the corpses on their way out, and head back home.

9th Ready’reat, 593

Back home, the heroes are paid a visit by Malachi, the Duke’s new advisor. The Duke wants the heroes to embark on an important quest…

During that time, the Duke’s new advisor rides in with an escort of a dozen knights, to meet with you and tell you about the quest. His name is Malach and he comes from chain of islands in the South, where his kingdom is plagued by pirates and agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood (evil monks). In exchange for the Duke’s alliance, he has brought word of a hidden vault of ancient war machines buried within the realm. This vault needs four Seals to open it: a Seal of each Element; these seals are located in their own vaults scattered around the realm. The whereabouts of two are currently know: one is in the Barrier Peaks, in a valley known as The Teeth of the Earth or The Spires, and the other is a cave at the base of the highest mountain of the Crystal Peaks. The third is believed to be accessed via a river, and the fourth is said to lie inside a volcano. Malachi is currently looking for these through old books of lore.

Also, just to note: in this Grand Duchy, the highest level (i.e. the Duke) is level 10. The level 9 and 8 heroes of the realm are you lot. There is currently no one of a higher level.

…and in the six weeks before they head off, Xellos embarks on a bit of spell research with his henchman Phildor, and Calibos receives orders from the Duke to start building a wall along the borders of the Hornwood, and increases the taxes to double.

End of Session

Kills: 3 green slimes, 1 gibbering mouther, 1 grey ooze, 3 shriekers; 8 goblins, 2 hill giants, 1 fire giant.


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