Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff


Session 169 & 170

Session 169

Under disguise and invisibility the heroes approached the council house, with added silence by an ensorcelled coin thanks to Halmary. The others, except Sidni and Xellos (who have their own magic) moved under an invisibility 10’ radius spell. Prior to their trek across town, Xellos sent out his wizard eyes to scout the house, following his initially spying with a breaking & entering: he spied soldiers and lords, in meetings and guarded. As night fell, assuming the inhabitants to be asleep, the spells were cast and the heroes made their way to the house undetected (thankfully, Pregmere was under curfew and the streets were empty).

They broke in through the study window, and immediately located a mirror covered by a black cloth; Sidni smashed it. Still under silence they crept through the kitchen and down into the cellars, finding the usual storerooms and wine cellar, as well as a locked alchemical laboratory with a few potions to loot. The door was smashed open by Calibos’ giant strength. They headed to another door, iron, and got ready to break that one down too…

Session 170

…and kicked the door in, finding the room beyond to be an armoury. While all this is going on, it is nearing dawn and upstairs people are stirring. The cook arrives to prepare the breakfast, notices someone is up, and alerts the guards who alert the lords, who strap on their armour and weapons and head down to ‘welcome’ the intruders.

Below, the heroes search the cellars but find nothing much. They head back up, surprising the cooks (who were told to pretend as if everything was normal) and tied them up. They head out of the kitchen and as they near the hall, the lords and guards spring their ambush and battle is joined, raging across the ground floor of the townhouse.

Despite their prowess, the ambush, and the added element of surprise (an invisible Baron, sneaking lords), the heroes prove more than capable of dealing with these creatures: for each (except one lord and the guards) shatters upon their demise, like broken mirrors, just as the baron and his men did in The Lea. The first to fall is a guard to Calibos’ sword, then one of the lords thanks to Halmary’s flame strike. He destroys another one a few rounds later with a second flame strike, delivering divine justice on the enemy. Another guard is crushed by Ungrid’s hammer, and Halmary takes out the baroness in charge with a finger of death. Sidni takes one on single-handed, and after a furious exchange of blow slays the creature. Ungrid and Calibos chop up another together, and the paladin takes out the last one. Xellos, in the midst of all of this fighting, lends a hand with magic missiles.

They take time to search and loot the place, finding plenty of coins and gems and the odd potion. There are also coded messages, maps and battle plans, which are taken for later reading. They discuss setting the place on fire, but instead dump the bodies and shattered fragments down the well in the cellar. Then, with Halmary disguised as one of the barons, they get the infantry that is mobilising to march to Gorna to stand down and remain in town.

The heroes prepare to leave for Pest’s Crossing, discussing their next objective.

End of Session

Kills: 2 guards, 6 Mirror Duplicates.


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