Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Release the Kraken!

Session 202

During the feast held in their honour, the heroes are approached by the chief (Mannatok) who, once he learns that they are seeking to cross the lake, offers to loan them boats and guides, if they will investigate the recently uncovered ruins that are within his camp. They agree, much to the annoyance of the shaman (Torlep). In the morning they head into the ruins, watched by the chief, shaman and various nomads (many of whom bet on the survival). Calibos puts his shoulder to the stone door and forces it open, revealing a sand-covered room with stairs leading down. Leaving Xellos and Ungrid on guard outside– just in case– the others head down, Sindi (invisible) scouting out the passages first. It turns out to be an ancient catacomb, with desiccated corpses in burial alcoves and three ornate sarcophagi decorated with symbols of flowers and birds. Before they investigate the tombs further, everyone heads down and spend three hours fruitlessly searching for secret doors. Calibos prises off a lid of the first coffin, and three wights come out to play: all are merely wiped out of existence by Halmary’s prayers. There is loot to be had, but after looking through them and removing anything magical, they generously give the rest to the chief and shaman, which puts them on more friendly terms that before.

Next, the second uncovered ruin is just a single room: some shrine, with an old obsidian alter on which a bowl of gems sits. Behind the altar is a statue of a man but instead of a head a scarab beetle sits on his shoulders. Expecting trouble, the heroes get ready for the statue to animate; which it does after Calibos messes about with the bowl of gems. The statue proves inadequate against the heroes, and is smashed to dust by the combined might of Calibos and Ungrid. They hand the gems over to the chief, who gladly accepts them and arranges for boats to be loaned, as well as guides who will also man the sails. They spend the night, and in the morning split between four boats and head off across the lake, after the shaman ‘blesses’ them with what Halmary believes is nothing more elaborate than resist cold. They are told that it will protect them from the creature that lives in the lake…

…but that proves false, for as soon as they are out in the lake, a giant kraken rises up from the depths and attacks: its tentacles crush Petula and Lilly, a few gnolls, and manage to grab both Halmary and Eshan! In return, it is whacked by Ungrid’s hammer, belted by magic missiles from Xellos, singed by a lightning bolt from Sindi’s shield… but it is too late, and the kraken dives beneath the surface, taking Halmary and Eshan with it!

The shocked survivors quickly lose sight of the beast and turn round, heading back to shore. As soon as they land they are up in the shaman’s face, accusing him of betraying them, and demanding that the chief do something about it. The chief doesn’t believe them, since he trusts his shaman and has no reason not to.

Meanwhile, Halmary and Eshan, alive but immobilised by the kraken’s tentacles, are all alone…

End of Session

Kills: 3 wights, 1 stone golem.

Loses: Lilly, Petula, 4 gnolls.


theskyfullofdust theskyfullofdust

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