Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Crypt of the Mad Monk

Session 47

There is a stone door embedded in the rock of the Jotens, the mountain range that looms on the horizon of the capital of Loftwick. The doorway in question opens into an ancient crypt, wherein the tomb of a– now nameless– religious leader is hidden: the infamous Mad Monk, who commanded a cult of demon-worshippers, spread madness throughout the region, bringing chaos to the settlements of the ancient lands that the Yeomanry now inhabits. The Monk was eventually defeated, but his followers managed to steal away his body and entombed him in a crypt; they buried themselves inside too, to guard the tomb and await his return.

Hidden in the crypt is the Monk’s prized possession, an unholy relic known only as the Revealer of Truth, which has long been prized by archaeologists, wizards and collectors. Now, the Most High Master, Callum, Mage of the University, has located the crypt and has sent his two loyal companions, along with a desperate trio of adventurers, to retrieve the relic and anything else of importance.

19th Ready’reat, 591 CY

Into the foothills Ungrid, Corvin and Sidni found themselves allied with Smee, an apprentice to Callum and a powerful mage in his own right, and Smee’s bodyguard, Xellos, a large man wielding a great axe and clad in plate armour. The two newcomers know where to find the doorway, and they find it easily enough: hidden in a deep gully, flush with the steep slope of the mountain, the stone door stood ajar and behind it steps led down into damp, musty darkness. The party wasted no time entering, lanterns and torches lit, and off a main corridor they ran into a group of other adventurers: six in all, four men, two women, led by a cleric of Pholtus who called himself Blake and demanded to know what they were doing there, since he and his gang found the tomb first… and in reply, Corvin shot one of the women, Soolin, with an arrow, and everyone waded in, aided by a timely cast haste spell by their new best friend, Smee.

Dayna fell down straight away, peppered by arrows swiftly shot from Corvin’s bow, and the gnome, Vila, had his spell disrupted by a follow-up arrow. Sidni charged in, spear leading, and wounded the cleric, Blake, disrupting whatever spell he was going to cast. Xellos proved his worth by swinging his glowing great axe, felling rival adventurer Avon with two deep cuts; he cleaved with his backswing, and took out Blake too, lopping off the surprised cleric’s head! Smee threw a couple of darts at Vila, wounding him, and a combination of arrows and stabbing spears from Sidni ended the gnome’s life for good. Ungrid and Corvin took out Soolin, leaving plate mailed Tarrant alone and determined to fight to the death: he dodged and took blow-after-blow, but was eventually beaten down, finished off by a heavy stabbing from Ungrid.

Bodies were looted. Then, as Xellos stood on watch, from the darkness two shambling undead walked out of the shadows straight into the Ruinguard’s axe: one fell to his blade, and he absorbed some of their negative energy, healing his own wounds. He cried out an alarm, and Sidni and Ungrid hurried to his aid, and cut down the other undead. They followed the zombies’ tracks to the room they came out of, across the main corridor, and discovered a room of offerings in urns and old, rotten crates: amongst which were a beautiful suit of elven chain and a matching shield, both quickly taken by Sidni. As she struggled into the new armour, everyone was surprised to see Blakes’ Six shamble out of the previous room, reanimated as zombies: none were a match for the party, and quickly were ‘slain’ again.

Turning down another corridor, whilst Xellos and Sidni scouted ahead down the main corridor, Ungrid and Corvin walked straight into yet more walking dead; and to the surprise and temporary horror of Xellos and Sidni, down the main corridor several more walked out of the shadows, coming at the split party from two sides.

The battle was tough. The zombies proved tough and packed a hell of a punch, pummelling Sidni almost to her knees, badly bruising Ungrid and Xellos, and forcing the party back. The adventurers retreated, covering one another, and provided an avenue for Smee to let loose with a powerful cone of cold that flash-froze eight zombies at once! He tried it a second time, but although a further five were blasted to icy fragments, two slipped past and smashed Smee to the ground, knocking him out cold. Xellos strode forward, and cut both down. They grabbed Smee’s body and carried him outside: thankfully he was mostly suffering from shock, but his leg was broken and although a timely healing potion healed it, the break was ill-healed and Smee was now lame.

They found a place to camp and settled down for the night.

End of Session

Kills: 17 tough zombies, 6 rival adventurers (technically killed twice).

KO’s: Smee (in shock, needed a night’s rest, now lame).


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