Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Ice Tunnels

Session 138

22nd-28th Fireseek, 594 CY

With a freshly animated zombie giant, a coin illuminated with continual light, and bracing themselves against the howling and bitter cold wind, the heroes venture through the Frost Maw into the tunnels. They explore the side caverns, finding and quickly defeating a frost spider and a lonely troll, neither which poses much of a threat. A few gems are looted from piles of bones, but the main cavern holds their interest: four ice tunnels sloping below the ground, the wind howling from each. The air is so cold here that it cuts them to the bone, and Halmary has to cast resist cold on himself and Sidni, while Xellos finds a use for his long held Cube of Frost and conjures a cube to protect the others. Leaving their giant at the top, the heroes nail pitons and ropes in place after Sidni does a quick scout: below are tunnels of ice, the wind a gale. The going is slow, the cold enough to freeze the blood, but the heroes push on.

Hammering more pitons into the ice, securing ropes as they go, they move down a sloping tunnel and are immediately attacked by a whirling air elemental: it is dispatched far too easily. They carry on, using the ropes to stop the wind blowing them back. The tunnel ends at a large domed chamber, in the centre of which is the Seal of the Air, a spherical blizzard and the source of the wind. They hammer in more spikes and tie more rope and slowly, so so slowly, make their way nearer. Sidni goes round the back, and as the others near the sphere, the wind suddenly creates half-a-dozen whirlwinds: two medium, two large, and two huge air elementals that fly into attack, separating the main part from Sidni, who finds herself facing off against two of the elementals; one large, one huge.

The heroes are caught off guard, still hammering in spikes, and the elementals pummel both Ungrid and Sidni, almost knocking the dwarf off his feet, and badly bruising Sidni. She staggers under the blow and the wind. Halmary decides to quaff a_ potion of speed_ and wades into the fight. Calibos finds himself beaten up, but a timely lay on hands keeps him in the fight. Xellos evens the odds with a cone of cold that freezes and dissipates some of the whirling wind. Sidni finds herself in trouble as the elementals break bones and bash her against the wall. She ditches the lit coin she was carrying and goes invisible, but the elementals are not fooled and lash out: unfortunately for Sidni, they hit and she goes down! Worse, the winds blows her along the floor, and she tumbles out into the tunnel and is blown all the way back to the tunnel entrance.

Meanwhile, the fight is turning against the elementals as Halmary destroys one, and with his extra speed_ lays on hands_ on the weakening dwarf, allowing Ungrid to swing his hammer and destroy another, then cleave into and vanquish a third. Xellos disintegrates the huge one that felled Sidni, and Ungrid takes out another, leaving the last for Halmary and Xellos to finish off.

With the elementals defeated they use a net and their bag of holding to capture the Seal and hunt for Sidni, easier now that the winds have ceased and using magic to locate her. Thankfully, turns out she was just knocked out and suffering from shock. A night’s rest is all she needs, although her scars are much worse.

After spending the night in the giant’s hut, the heroes head back home to_ Pest’s Crossing_, to learn that Malachi has found the third Seal: the Seal of Water.

End of Session

Kills: 1 frost spider, 1 troll, 3 medium air elementals, 2 large air elementals, 2 huge air elementals.

KO’d: Sidni (but just in shock, suffered a few more scars).

Levelled Up: Halmary is now level 9!


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