Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

The Steading

Session 49


It turned out that Smee was pretty much incinerated. The surviving party members found an urn to stick his ashes in, gathered what treasure they could carry and made the long journey back to the city of Loftwick. There they handed over the relic and the ashes to the High Wizard, and spent a week resting up, sorting and selling their loot, identifying their newly acquired magical items, and getting Zarkov and Halmary restored to flesh from stone. Their new magic items included some magic weapons, armour, potions, and a Flying Carpet!

The party also said goodbye to Zarkov, who headed off in search of his clan, to find allies in the war against the giants; he promised to return, with an army of dwarves in tow. In the meantime, Xellos joined the party, and together they headed back into the Jotens, and spent several days hiking over the mountainous terrain, as winter brought snow and icy winds to the land.

Notes: Corvin is now level 7, and Xellos reached level 5.

6th Sunsebb, 591 CY

On the morning of the 6th day of winter, the party spotted a ruined fort ahead, nestled in the middle of the valley they were following. A pair of giants– 14’ tall stone giants– could be seen roasting goats and half-heartedly keeping watch. As the others take cover amongst the snow and rocks, Xellos proves his worth by making Corvin invisible, and the thief scouts out the fortress, as silent as a whisper across the snow. He spies a laden chest, crates and weapons hanging up on crude hooks, and only the pair of giants were in the area. He reports back to the others. Using a recently acquired potion of poison they coat the arrows and bolts of Corvin, Sidni and Xellos with deadly poison, while Halmary and Ungrid prepare their melee weapons.

Hoping for surprise, they start making their way forward, but one of the giants spots Sidni and alerts the other; they grab rocks and take cover behind the crumbling walls of their way-station, and the party hurries to engage them.

Rocks and arrows fly across the snow-covered ground, mostly missing their targets. One rock smashes into Sidni’s shoulder, but doesn’t stop her. A poisoned bolt from Xellos’ arbalest grazes a giant, but the poison has no effect. Hoping to aid his allies, Halmary blesses them, and runs up to join the others as they advance and engage the giants in hand-to-hand combat: and despite some mistimed swings, poor thrusts and plain bad luck, the two giants are eventually slain, the final blows falling to Sidni’s great sword, and Xellos’ great axe– and the Ruinguard drains some of the giant’s dying life-force, healing some of his wounds in the process. The party are bruised, but hardly touched considering what they have just fought.

Bolstered by their success, the party continue on, and after nearly a week of uneventful travel, keeping off the main trail and braving the snow and wind, they arrive at the Steading of the Hill Giants.

At night, Sidni and Corvin (the thief once more invisible) take flight on the flying carpet. Sidni drops Corvin off by the watchtower, and orbits the Steading, waiting for the signal to pick him up. Meanwhile, Corvin heads down the stairs and finds the large entrance hall occupied by three sleeping Hill Giants, two of which are slumped over a large keg of ale. Thinking quickly, Corvin pours the rest of his poison into the ale, then begins to scout the area: behind a huge pair of doors, he hears the noises of a great many giants feasting in what he expects is the Great Hall.

Outside, Xellos, Ungrid and Halmary wait in the cold, wondering what is going on…

End of Session

Kills: two stone giants.


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