Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff

Warehouse Trouble

Session 124

With Xellos off resting in the Duke’s keep, and with a patrol of five city guards accompanying them, the rest of the party head off to the warehouse, expecting to find dark elves to fight.

The docks are busy at that time of the morning, but the warehouse seems quiet. Sidni– _invisible_– scouts around, taking note of the doors and windows: the windows are barred and thick curtains block her view. She twitches one open, spots a dark elf scuttle back into the shadows, and quickly tells the others. The guards surround the warehouse, Halmary blesses everyone, and Ungrid uses his warhammer to smite the door: it shatters, and the heroes charge inside…

…and are immediately attacked by what, at first glance, looks to be an ordinary dock worker. Ungrid smashes his head in. One of the mind-controlling spiders crawls off the dead man’s back, and Calibos squashes it into the floor. Using coins illuminated by light spells, they proceed through into the next room, find another couple of workers– who Calibos knocks out, shifting out of the way for Ungrid and Halmary to squash the spiders– and open the doors into the main warehouse: a large area, 30’ high, crates piled up, a table nearby. More workers charge out of the darkness…

…as does a poisoned arrow, which cuts Calibos but the poison doesn’t get to his wound. The paladin looks around for the shooter, but can’t see anyone in the shadows; except for the workers, who attack him. Over the sound of fighting, the scuttle of larger spiders can be heard. As Sidni and Phildor enter the room, some unseen spell-caster throws down a burst of glitterdust, rendering them visible as the dust clings to them. The workers prove useless, and Calibos knocks another out cold– Ungrid kills the crawling spider– while Sidni just stabs one through the chest, and follows up with crushing the spider that rolls of the man’s neck.
Ungrid looks up and sees a dark elf, bow and arrow at the ready, taking cover atop some crates. Calibos hurries over that side, and unwittingly walks into some webs and is stuck: a giant spider crawls down and tries to bite him; from the ceiling, more spiders pounce, attacking Phildor– who is badly injured– Halmary and Ungrid. They hack away at the spiders, leaving the dark elf free to shoot more arrows. Ungrid also backs into another dark elf, a woman about to cast a spell: he spins round and smashes in her skull with his hammer, then fends off the spider attacking him, crushing it easily.

Another poisoned arrow flies from the darkness, but again, no one sees where it came from. Halmary takes a hit, but the poison fails to do any harm.

Sidni takes out another worker and his controlling spider, then heads over to help the others. Phildor deals with his own spider, as well the visible dark elf, summoning the earth’s teeth and skewering them with spikes that turn to dust after their killing blows. He hurries out of the warehouse, and warns the guards to keep watch.

Sidni unleashes a lightning bolt, hoping to catch the hidden dark elf shooting at them, but the bolt does nothing more than blow a few crates to pieces. The other spiders are finished off.

Then Ungrid takes a poisoned arrow to the knee and falls down, the poison stopping his heart! Thankfully, they’ve been prepared for this, and Sidni runs over and chugs a neutralise poison potion down his throat, reviving him. As he comes round, the first thing he sees is the other dark elf, atop the highest pile of creates. He yells out a warning to the others as he hurls his hammer, breaking a few bones.

Calibos uses his shield to double his size, walks over to the dark elf, and cuts him in two!

End of Session

Kills: 3 dark elves, 4 spiders, 3 workers (and 3 more KO’d).

KO’d: Ungrid was temporarily dead, but he’s better now.


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