Paladin in service to the Duke of Hochoch


Saving Throws Roll Needed (including all Character Bonuses)
Paralysis ect 4
Poison & Death 3
Blast & Breath 5
Staffs & Wands 5
Spells 6 Languages Known

Attributes Modifier Common (S/R/W)
Strength 16 Orc/Goblin (S/R/W)
Inteligence 13 Hit Points 43 Max HP 43
Wisdom 9 Armour Class 16(17)
Dexterity 13 Attack Throw 4
Constitution 9
Charisma 16

Weapons Damage
Sword of Vengeance d6/d8

Class Skills Information
Lay on Hands Heal 2 x Lvl HP’s 3x per day
Aura of Protection Vs Evil +1 to AC & All saves
Sanctified Body Immune to magical & mundane diseases
Holy Fervor Hirelings of same religion +1 to morale
Detect Evil Concentrate for a turn detect as per spell up to 60’ away
Divine Blessing

Feats & Abilities Type Roll/Bonus
Sword & Shield Style Class AC +1
Laying On Hands Class 1 x Extra Use
Adventuring General
Riding (War Horse) General
Healing 1 General
Healing 2


Sent by the Duke of Hochoch tp search for the Party of the Liberators after a semi-failed mission to destroy the Giant base at the Steading, Calibos and his trusty Squire, Medmyr, tracked down the party at the entrance to a Dragons’ Lair. Still light one member after the retirement of Corvin, the party asked Calibos to join them. Calibos has agreed to this and is charged by the Duke to bring the Liberators back to Hochoch after their latest adventure to assist in the re-taking of local lands.


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